Saturday, December 10, 2011


She steps into her living room after a long day at work. Her head is full of numbers and schedules and assignments and deadlines..and her arms are full of textbooks for next term at school. She sits down on her bed, tosses her backpack in the corner, kicks off her shoes and pulls on slipper socks, PJ pants, and a hoodie that she bums around in while her time is her own. She is the picture of cuddly cuteness, and she stretches her arms and legs out at full length...tenses...and relaxes.

I want it to be a tiny little apartment; it's the weekend and her roommate is away with family. I want her to be focused on grades and tests and her job and her homework and finals and think to herself "I'm going to be glued to a fucking desk this weekend." 

I want to invite her to sit at that desk, books splayed out in front of her, laptop open to Wikipedia or some other such nonsense...and then ask her to let me slip UNDER that desk and do what I want with her from below.

Her breath catches in her throat...this is something she'd only read about in erotica; having a man taste her arousal, inhale her heat, concentrate on HER pleasure, and leave her exhausted from multiple orgasms...boys don't take that kind of time, but a older man...he would KNOW the honor he had been given, and not take it for granted.

She looks at me, and shakily nods her head yes. Her breath is coming out shorter, and her heart is already accelerating at what is about to happen. I lean forwards and kiss her forehead, wrapping my arms around her, and telling her in a whisper "This is my gift to YOU. I'm not expecting anything in return; only if you want more will I give it to you..." and with that I slip under her desk.

She sits at her chair, and rolls up to the desk. My world darkens, and I rest one hand on each of her thighs. The view I have is so damn hot I have to force myself to not orgasm just from seeing her from this angle, but I have plans for her...and this will not be interrupted by trivial personal arousal.

I lean forward, inhaling the first hints of her estrogen, and have to stifle a groan at how GOOD this is going to taste. I slip a hand into her skirt, feeling the satin panties that cover her, and finding they are already damp. I trace her lips through he fabric, allowing my hands to barely brush her clit, and feeling her legs tense each time my hand brushes her most sensitive area. I finally slip my hands under the waistband of her panties, and slide them off. I run my hands around to her ass, squeezing firmly, then gently part her knees and lean forward as my first taste of her sends me into a euphoric high. Teasing her with my tongue, running the tip up and down along the sides of her clit....not fully on it...just teasing it. I insert my tongue into her opening, tasting her offering of sweetness trickling outward. I drink it in, not wasting one precious drop...wrapping my arms around her torso, pushing forward with more intensity now...flicking my tongue across her clit now, and then full-on licking it...pausing each few seconds to drink her in again...hard as steel in my own arousal, but FOCUSED on hers foremost.

Her hands slip over my head, guiding me closer to her...and I respond with even more eagerness to taste her. Her breath is coming in ragged gasps, and her hips begin to buck against me. I stay fully focused on that beautiful triangle of MY OWN DESIRE and her own flesh. Fucking her with my tongue, then tracing it upward to let the full-flat of my tongue lap over her clit...sucking it like a lollipop, inserting one finger into her and feeling her muscles contract. (What that would feel like around my own cock, dear God!!)

Suddenly, her legs tense, and I feel her thighs close around my head. This is what I have been WANTING...NEEDING...DESIRING. I suck her clit into my mouth, and work it gently under my tongue as I hang on for her impending orgasm. Her calves and thigh muscles flex hard, and as I place a hand on her tummy I feel her insides shaking. Her hips jerk violently, and she cries out in blissful orgasmic agony, and I taste a flow of her juices that I savor...and cherish...and want more than anything to taste AGAIN....and AGAIN.

I look up at her, and her hands are shaking, her legs are like rubber, and my cock is like a piece of steel. I crawl out from under the desk, stand in front of her, and attempt to help her to her feet. Her breath is still coming out in ragged gasps, and a slight nervous laugh escapes her. She looks up at me, then lays her head against my crotch as her body continues to unwind from her orgasm. As she does this, my cock feels her cheek rest against it, and involuntarily swells as I tremble all over. She turns to see the bulge, and slides her palm over it in a gentle "cup" she looks up at me and smiles...her hand finds my zipper.


She slips her fingers into the fly, and my cock reacts to this new touch with pulses of anticipation. She unbuttons my jeans, lets them fall, and takes my boxers down as well. My cock is so hard the head is a light purple, and her lips slip over it.

(the sensation is so incredible my mind explodes into another reality)

Up and down...up and down...her pouting lips take me in again and again...she looks up at me, and I hold back my orgasm with as much resolve as I can muster...I don't want to upset her...but this will end in my coming, and LOTS OF IT too. She looks up again, and my legs lose their purchase...I say with my last ability to speak I'!!" She closes her eyes and takes my hips in her hand, hums gently as she moves faster now, my cock now BEYOND any ability to stop...I can't...I can't...


I growl her name as the first spurt shoots into her mouth...then another...and another...she wastes none...and then begins humming again as even more spurts find her waiting mouth....

Oh God...Oh God...Oh God...please...please don't stop...please....

~ For Kitty