Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Tender Trap

I awaken from a dreamless sleep, and feel the breeze from an open window caress my skin. I lie naked in the bed, arms and legs tangled in soft, whine linen. The sound of wind chimes lilts softly in my ears from the porch outside, and the light from the sunrise teases the room's shadows with playful radiance.

I stretch, and feel my muscles wake. I sigh with contentment, and imagine what the day might bring. Morning erotic feelings awaken, and I feel the semi-erect shaft of my cock caress the sheets as I turn to sit up.

Without warning, from below the bed, the sheets and blankets are jerked away. I gasp, and see you looking at me with mischief in your smile. I sit up, and shake my head and grin. "Now you have made me cold, silly girl."

You bite your bottom lip, and say "Am I in trouble, Sir?"

I stare back at you, and with a smile in my voice I reply "Perhaps you should find a way to warm me back up."

My cock swells in anticipation of what I am wanting, and I see you glance lower, and your breath catch in your throat. "Yes sir...I will."

I lie back, waiting for the moment your lips will slip over the head and I will lose my mind at the skill of your tongue. You giggle, and I feel your body crawl toward me. Your tongue glides in one sweet stroke from the base of my cock to the head. My spine arches, and I moan in agony "Oh, God, please sweet girl...make me come."

A giggle again.

I feel you crawl over me, you kiss my nipples, and suck them gently as my cock surges to it's full length in response to your caress. I open my eyes and see your face, your eyes look DEEP into mine. You smile, and I feel your opening below as it teases the head of my cock. You are wet...very wet...you have been masturbating while I was asleep. You see my look of knowing, and you blush.

You pin my hands behind my head, and whisper in my ear "For you..."

I feel the head of my cock slip into the little cradle of your opening, and I gasp as your muscles crown the head. You look DEEP into my eyes once more...smile gently...and thrust downward with all your might...

Wednesday, January 11, 2012


"I want to call you sir. I want to call you anything to make you groan."


I was lying back on a bed...YOUR bed...I  knew where I was. I looked over to where I had placed you, facing the corner. Your hands where clasped behind your back, tied with a black silk scarf.

I called to you "Young lady." You gasped "Oh, god...yes sir!" I smiled and walked over to you. You were wearing a cute little bra and panty set, and a little tight t-shirt that showed off your lines. I ran my hand from just below your knees, all the way up to your bottom, giving it a light "tap" that made you jump. I made my way up, sliding my hands under your shirt, kissing your spine ALL the way to the nape of your neck, and wrapping my arms around you and allowing my crotch to press against your bottom.

(you breathed out and said "yes, sir.")

I whispered to you "You kept me waiting quite a long time for this, didn't you?" You shuddered, and I said "I'm a very patient person, but you made me quite frustrated. There should be consequences."

You whispered "Yes, sir...please."

I walked you over to your bed, and as I sat down, I laid you across my lap. I took your panties down to just below your ass, and reached around to feel your clit for a moment...as I suspected, you were already wet. I said "Mhmm...the little girl is already anticipating, and needing her discipline."

"Yes, sir..." you say

I lean over, kissing your bottom as I roughly squeeze your cheeks to prepare them for the spanking I am going to administer. Your breathing is heavy now, and when I deliver the first "crack" of my hand to your lower bottom, you cry out "Oh, GOD!!...I mean, yes sir...please more." Again I spank you...one swat after another, painting a ping glow allover your bottom, and feeling your wetness become so evident I sense a drop trickle down to my knee. You whimper with each swat...and then a new sound...from the whimpers come moans...and then guttural growls...you pant louder as I stop my count at 50, and then let you slip off my lap.

I stand, and you are kneeling at my feet. You look up at me, and see that my cock is SO HARD that the head stands out round and pulsing from the shaft, my entire cock jumping to my own heartbeat. You look at the head...you wet your lips...and you look up at me again.

"Does sir need me to take care of this?"

I try to remain stern, but the idea is so wonderful and unbelievable, that a moan comes from me as I said "Oh, God please...yes, little girl!"

You grin, biting your bottom lip. Then you lean forward, look up at me one last time, and say "I want to swallow your cum, please let me give you this pleasure?"

I don't have time to respond, as your lips slip over the head...

As the initial contact of your tongue sends me into a spiral of unbridled passion. Your tongue creates beautiful little pulses of electricity that rack my body with uncontrollable spasms. You know how vocal I am, and my cries to you of "Oh, god more...more...now....oh, god yes...more please....dear...god!!" send you into a childish frenzy of sadistic desire for my own orgasm. I reach down to your breasts, cupping them gently and letting my index finger and thumb massage your nipples. One of your hands cradles and massages my balls while the other circles my cock. Your fingers and mouth create an indescribable sensation of orgasmic bliss as I feel my climax approaching. I know this will be so wonderful that words fail me to even begin to describe, and I gently place my hands on both sides of your head...guiding your mouth up and down....up and down....up and down....oh...god....!!

I feel the rush sweep over me, and I cry out your name as my orgasm finds it's mark, one spurt after another slamming against your flashing tongue. I almost lose my balance, holding your shoulders for support, and you continue to suck me...gently. I fall to my knees next to you, cradle your head against my shoulder.

"I love you."

I am yours...

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Extra Credit

A knock on my door startles me, and after saying "come in, please" I see the timid beautiful eyes of a student in my first hour class. I've watched this one before. She tries very hard, and I know she is capable of much better grades, but when with good looks comes more distraction, and this young lady is so beautiful I have even caught myself stealing wayward glances.

"Professor, I'm sorry to bother you. I just need some advice." she says.

I remember her name now, Megan. Her blonde hair seems to float weightlessly on her shoulders, and her eyes are so curious and bright that they seem to dance when she smiles. Her voice is so lovely, like a little girl trying to sound so grown-up. She's seen so much, and has so much more to see.

"Yes, Megan...anything I can do. Go for it."

"Really Sir?" she says "Well, yeah, I guess I should just go for it sir...just ask straight out, right?"

I'm confused now "Megan, what can I do for you?"

Her breathing is quickened, and she looks like a child about to give her first public speech.

"I need...(breathing)....to discus...(breathing)...my grades, sir." she pants loudly, as if her courage was just spent. "I'm concerned that I won't make an A this quarter, and that HAS to happen. I'll lose my scholarship."

I lean forward on my desk, and lower my hands, twirling a pencil. "Megan, you just have to apply yourself more. You are smart, and you have the ability, you just need to focus."

"If I do as you suggest, sir...and FOCUS, is an "A" possible?" she asks

I glance over my records, and run an average based on perfect scores from this point forward. I look back at her, and clear my throat "Megan, even if you ace everything from now until the end of the quarter, the best you can hope for is a B. You would be 3 points short of an A, I'm afraid. I'm sorry."

She looks nervous, and bites her bottom lip. She collapses in the chair across from me. Her head goes back, and she sighs loudly "Oh shit...this isn't happening...oh, god." She continues to ramble, but my eyes have drifted from my papers in front of me, and now are fully focused on the short skirt she is wearing, and how her legs have fallen limp, and the little black lace panties that cover her crotch. My mind goes astray, imagining what that little pussy would look like...carefully manicured, rosy pink lips, a little red clit that needed to be suckled by MY mouth until her legs clamped over my head and her climax shot through her bod....

"Mr Allen?!"

I am jolted form my fantasy...and see her eyes locked onto mine...first shock, then a slight grin as she crossed her legs.

"Megan! I'm sorry...I was thinking...I mean, I wasn't thinking...I was lost there...for a moment....I just..." I stammered.

"Mr Allen....please, don't be sorry. " She laughed nervously. "You're a man...and I'm just a girl...and we have to agree that these things just happen, right?"

I have no words...I'm lost in her eyes...

"And sir.." she uncrosses her legs "Is THIS what you were wanting to see?" she spreads her legs a little, hikes her skirt up, and leans back to let my eyes roam over her crotch area.

My own breath is gone. I am speechless and terrified...but yet becoming so aroused I can't hide, save for the desk in front of me.

Her fingers go to her crotch, slip under her panties, and she rubs her clit area...her eyes close...and then she brings her fingers back to her mouth, tasting them.

I groan...and her eyes meet mine again..a bigger smile now..she has me, and she knows it.

She stands, and walks toward my desk. Reaches under her skirt, removes her panties, and walks to me, tucking her panties in my right shirt pocket.

"For later...for you" she says.

She sits on my desk, her legs facing me, and she scoots back as pencils and papers fall to the floor. Her chuck taylors rest on my knees. Her hands go to her crotch again, rubbing, then she lets them linger under my nose. Her smell is hot, sweet, and so warm I find it impossible to not close my eyes and revel in it. Her fingers touch my lips, and I lick them gently...her taste is SO GOOD. I need her...want her..must HAVE her.

She rocks back on the desk, legs spread, her converse sneakered feet now fall across my shoulders as her legs part. I see her pussy, so beautiful and perfect...glistening slightly...my mind is telling me "NO! You can't do this!"

But her hands slide around the back of my neck, and she says in a whisper:

"I'm yours, sir...taste me, please..."

I lose all rational thought as those words grant me entrance to her lovely young pussy lips. I lean forward, her legs close over my head, and my lips cover her clit as my tongue flicks back and forth across it...her hands grip my head, and her hips grind forward. I am granted NO AIR, but the fragrance of her desire is like the PURE oxygen I so desperately need. I lick from her clit, down to her opening, lapping up any juices her body grants me...ravenously enjoying each taste. I cup her hips and bottom in my hands, and insert one finger in her pussy, wiggling it across her inner "joy button" all the while, my pursuit of her orgasm continues. I feel her legs closing tightly around my head,a nd her hips bucking. I stop the back and forth and focus FULLY on her clit now...not letting up on it...licking it faster and faster...tasting her wetness with each pass. Her breathing comes in choppy gasps...and her next words ring so loudly I fear the ceiling may collapse:

"Oh...Mr....Allen....I'm...I'm...oh God...I'm going to...co..come....oh GOD!!"

Her legs ratchet inward, locking my head in their grip. Her second spasm rewards me with a gentle rush of the sweetest, most erotic juices I have ever enjoyed...the most perfect wine of HER orgasm, given to me. I drink all of it...licking her insides clean..and allowing my tongue to BEG for more.

Her legs relax, and her body falls limp. I reach down to help her to sit up, and her body trembles like mad. She nervously plays with my tie...and looks into my eyes.

"Oh, God...sir...thank you...thank you...I was going to try to use this to get a better grade, but I didn't know you would make me come THAT hard sir...oh, God...I owe you TWICE now!" Her hands are still trembling.

I step away from the desk, and she stands in front of me, legs wobbling. She looks into my eyes, and says "Mr. Allen...can I kiss you? Please?" My legs go weak, and I pull her to me, our lips joining and her mouth parting as my tongue finds hers and we explore each other's mouths. Her kiss is electric, and her hips now find mine as she grips my waist and back. My cock feels the contact, and as if it weren't already so hard it ached, it swelled against her. Her hips responded by pressing forward, and and then her legs buckled again.

"I need to sit, Sir...please?" she asked.

I walked her over to the chair near the wall, and she sat down...her hand tracing the bulge in my pants...and then the tiniest giggle escaped her lips.

"Mr. Allen...I'm sorry...did...I...do this to you?"

I was so turned on I lost all inhibitions.

"Indeed you did, Ms. Megan...and I expect you to finish what you start."

Her eyes looked up to mine, a smile, and she unzips my slacks and finds my throbbing cock inside. She pulls it out, and the head is so large and hard that it is a dark pink in color, and pulsing with my heartbeat.

"Oh sir...please let me taste YOU now..."

And she smiled as her lips slipped over the head.

The initial contact was SO intense I groaned her name out loudly "Megan!!! Oh, GOD....so GOOD...oh, SO good....your tongue...oh your tongue...so damn good...FUCK!!!'

Her tongue danced across the underside of my cock, tasting it, suckling it like a lollipop. I feel my come rising inside me...my cock begins to pulse madly, and as if she senses what is about to happen, her hand goes to my balls and squeezes...so gently. My mind is in a euphoric state of delirium, and my last sane thought is that I don't want to NOT warn her.

"Megan...I'm going to...come SO HARD, Megan!"

Her left hand squeezes my balls again gently, her right index finger and thumb form a hard "O" around the base of the shaft, and her mouth swallows my cock to the hilt. I lose my mind as my orgasm surges through me, the spasms are so intense I cry out her name again...as one spurt after another shoots into her mouth. Again and again she swallows, and when I think I have no come left to give, she squeezes my balls one last time, and I feel one tiny spurt ooze out as she swallows my final offering.

She stands in front of me, and I kiss her again, tasting myself on her and wanting NOTHING more than to fuck her now...but my body is so weak I can hardly stand.

She pulls away, looks at me, and says with a twinkle in her eye...

"Every day sir..."

"Every day."

Smack That...

It's late evening, and in spite of repeated requests, the apartment above is once again thumping loud music. Living alone has it's advantages, and one is being able to read when I like, relax when I like, and enjoy my own music. Classical piano is now being drowned out by the pulsing beat of urban bass lines. I decide to ignore it as best I can, but soon, I can no longer handle it. Something has to be done. A line must be drawn.

I remember the day they moved in above me. A college student and her best friend. I helped them move several large pieces of furniture up two flights, and while I didn't get so much as a "thank you" from either of them, the view from behind was more than rewarding. I learned the beauty of "Skinny Jeans" that day.

I walked the stairs to their apartment, and as I went, I rehearsed the speech I was going to give. I was going to be polite, as long as they were. The closer I got, the more clear the lyrics to the music became:

"Smack that, all on the floor  
Smack that, Give me some more  
Smack that, till you get sore  
Smack that, ohh oh oh oh oh..."

When I got to the door, I knocked only to find the door swing open under my hand. The music was still blaring, and I called inside "Hello!". No answer of course. I thought of calling the landlord, but wanted to handle this personally. I stepped inside, and followed the sound of the music. Down the small hallway, I continued to call out "Hello?!", but to no reply. Now I was worried. What if someone was hurt? I found the room the music was coming from, and looking inside, my eyes were treated to something both amusing and exciting.

It was the brunette...her name was Jessy, I recall. She was dressed in a sexy little t-shirt and pajama pants that hugged every curve. Her hips gyrated with perfect sync to the pulsing beat of the song. She was facing a mirror, and running her hands up and down her body, caressing each curve with the look of a woman in pure lust. Her right hand went to her crotch, and began rubbing up and down as her hips thrust forward...and each time the lyric "Smack That" was sung, she either smacked her ass and gripped it with her hand, or pretended to spank an imaginary person in front of her. I was truly enjoying the show, and were it not for what happened next, the performance might have continued longer.

Her hands once again ran to her chest, and I saw one finger trace a nipple that was surrendering to it's caress. Her mouth let out a gasp, and her hand once again flew to her crotch in response. When the chorus came again, her hand came back full force against her ass with a hard SMACK. She cried out in slight pain, and then a growl escaped her lips. In now blind passion, she did a full backbend, and when her hands found the floor behind her, her eyes locked fully on mine, and she fell to the floor with a thud. I laughed, and she yelled in shock. She scrambled over to her stereo and snapped it off...my ears were ringing slightly.

Jessy looked at me with mild embarrassment. "Hi Jeff. Sorry, I was being kind of loud. Have you...been here long?" I smiled, and told her she was quite a performer. Her hands were trembling, and the thin fabric of her t-shirt showed the light perspiration of a girl who was quite out of breath. I gazed lower, and saw the small damp spot between her legs, and wondered how much dancing alone like this turned her on. I was just about to excuse myself, when she walked over to me and said "Uh, Jeff...I'm glad you enjoyed the show." She smiled playfully, and glanced down to my own crotch...and sure enough, my own cock was straining slightly against my boxers. I had become so lost in her dance that all inhibitions were gone as well.

I did my best to hide my own embarrassment, and excused myself...telling her to please keep the music down. She giggled, and said "Yes sir." in a sweet little-girlish way. I turned to go, and heard her breath coming in short gasps behind me. It was then she said the words that threw me for a loop:

"...but...what if I don't?"

I turned on my heel, not believing what I had just heard. She was standing in the same spot I had been in while I was watching her. Her hair was mussed, her chest was heaving slightly, and her breath was catching in her throat. She looked deep into my eyes and said again "You heard me. What if I don't?!"

I stepped toward her. I sternly made my eyes narrow at her, and said "I asked nicely, Jessy. I hope you won't be difficult about this." I turned my back once more, and heard her say from behind "Look at me damn you!"

I turned to face her again, and now she was leaning up against the hallway wall. Her eyes were full of anger and need, and she stamped her foot hard on the floor like a spoiled child. "And if I am difficult, what are you going to do about it, sir?!" She leaned back to her stereo, and turned it on again, full-blast.

I felt a chill of rage trail down my spine, and at the same time, my cock swelled with sadistic need. I felt my hand instinctively go to my belt and unbuckle it. My mind was reeling. "What am I doing?!" my mind asked. My body replied with it's own answer "I'm going to give that naughty little girl what she wants." My eyes locked with hers again, my hand still on my unbuckled belt. Her eyes glanced down to my waist, and looked deep into my own eyes once more. Her lips parted, a sly smile crept across her face, and she said "You won't spank me...you don't have the balls to do it."

In an instant, my belt was off, the distance between us closed, and I grabbed her wrists and turned her over my knee. She growled in defiance, but I saw her bottom arch upward as if to invite the punishment I was going to give her. For a brief instant, I questioned my own sanity, and as if she sensed my hesitation, her right hand reached underneath us, grabbed my cock's outline firmly, and squeezed as her next two words sent me over the edge.

"Chicken shit..."

My mind erupted with anger and lust, and the first blow from my belt across her rear cracked and echoed through the apartment. Her back arched and her nails dug into my leg. Her eyes turned to look into my own once more, and her mouth whispered "Is that all you got?"

I tossed my belt to the side now, and felt my hand of it's own accord reach back and jerk her PJ bottoms down to her knees. Her firm little ass showed the red welt where my belt had fallen, and her hips arched upward once more. Her hand stroked my cock gently, and my hand caressed her bottom with gentle strokes. I caressed lower, and felt her mound poking out, so wet and hot I wanted nothing more at that moment than to suck her clit until she screamed...but first things were first.

I raised my hand upward, and felt her nails drag gently up my leg in anticipation. The first swat of my hand to her butt sounded like a whip hitting it's mark, and her body bucked like an animal gone insane. I swatted her rear again and again, and each stroke had her shuddering and growling. I felt my cock pressing against my jeans now, and I began allowing my crotch to rub against her body with each stroke. He breath was faster now, and she suddenly turned her eyes to me again. Through tears and flushed red cheeks, she said two more words...

"Fuck me."

The words hit me like a velvet hammer, and I fell to my knees as my hands fought to undo my jeans. My cock was pulsing like mad, and Jessy was now on all fours with her bottom raised slightly. Her breath was ragged and I heart her groan "Please...now..." After jerking my cock free of it's constraints, it jutted outward like a pillar of need. The head was fully distended, and when Jessy turned to look she said "Dear God...NOW...please..."

I moved toward her, the head of my cock finding her tight opening and rubbing up and down gently against her opening. The contact was electric, and before I could enjoy the honor of driving my cock forward, she drover her torso backward...her little body swallowing my cock as she groaned loud enough to wake the neighbors. When her bottom hit my hips, I grabbed her legs and drove myself into her as deep as I could. Her body spasmed, and she made a sound like a person being bounced up and down on someone's knee "Oh..oh..oh...oh..OhOhOhOhOhOhOhOhOhOHHH!!!" He body hammered back against mine, and her muscled gripped my cock in what was the most insane orgasm I had ever witnessed. Again, she rode me...harder this time...and I heard her giggle slightly as she said "Now I want yours..."

With all my strength I fought the urge to come right on the spot, and said gently back into her ear. "You won't get it."

Her eyes flashed with fire, and she spun around to face me, pushing my body backward to lie on the floor. Her hand encircled the shaft of my cock, and just when I though nothing could feel better than fucking her from behind, her lips parted, and the head of my cock disappeared into her mouth. My mind eclipsed into a state of both mania and bliss. Her lips went up and down...up and down...up and down, as one hand gently massaged my balls, and the other hand with one finger teasing my rear. I wanted to look into her eyes, and so I forced myself to regain control and look up. Her eyes were locked onto my own, and she read my expression with a gesture that said "Oh yes, I will."

Her speed increased, and I felt my orgasm building. My come had risen into a state of no return. My cock was pulsing in her hand as her lips continued to rise up and down...up and down. The flat of her tongue flashed back and forth...and with my last moment of reason I groaned "Yes...you will....!!"

I orgasmed, and the first wave hit me so hard I almost lost consciousness. I heard her making little sounds like "Mmmm....mmmm..." and all I could do was just melt away into one spasm after another. Her lips never left my cock, and when my orgasm subsided, she gently kissed the head one last time. She stood, and offered me a hand upward. I accepted, and no sooner did I stand up, the flat of her own hand swatted my ass with enough force to make me cry out.


She looked into my eyes and said "I should probably be punished for that, don't you think?"

Monday, January 9, 2012

Dream of you...

I am restless in my sleep, and terrible dreams of being alone, lost in a fog, and unable to find warmth of familiar surroundings makes the darkness seem even more terrifying. I toss and turn, crying out helplessly for anyone to hear me. The room is cold, and I can't find enough blankets to cover me. I'm helplessly trapped in a dream I can't wake up from.

In my dream, I finally give up all hope of rescue, and I sit down by a tree to cry. I call out to anyone around me who might hear that I am so alone, so cold, and just need help. My words echo like hollow memories against the utter darkness around me. The dream is so real, that I have no clue what is going on as I lie in bed, or how loud my cries echo through the walls of the bedroom.

In the dream, as I sit against the tree, shivering in loneliness and dispair, a warm feeling wraps around me like a blanket of sunrays curling around my body. The feeling is so wonderful that I tremble in pure bliss at the contact of this heat source. My body relaxes, and the most beautiful woman in the world appears in front of me, her arms circling my body, bringing even more warmth and love to the cold surroundings that are now fading in her light.

She looks into my eyes, stroked my face and says "It's okay, darling...please don't cry."

I don't know from where, but I know her face. It is so familiar I can't bear to remain silent.

"I don't know who you are, but thank you! You saved me from the cold and from the darkness!"

She smiles, and says "It's going to be okay, love...what can I do to make it all better?"

Immediately, the most physically breathtaking image appears in my mind, and it is so intimate in it's imagery, that I blush at the thought of the woman ever finding out my thoughts. She smiles again, and looks into my eyes with an air of understanding I can't comprehend.

"Is that what you want, Sir?" she says.

I am stunned; how cold she know? Can she read my thoughts? I decide to test this theory, and I allow my mind to go deeper into the fantasy...actually visualizing the physical contact. Again, she smiles with a knowing look of love in her eyes.

"You know I will; just ask me and it's yours." she replies with those same loving eyes.

I look into her face with a pleading in my own eyes now, and say the words "Yes, please...give it to me, I'm begging!"

She smiles even bigger now, and where the ragged clothing I was wearing hung on my body minutes earlier, now I am completely naked. The white silken gown she is wearing caresses my body as she leans forward, kissing me...so gently I feel the brush of her eyelashes on my cheek. I wonder at this moment if it is real...and with those final thoughts in my head, I feel her hand curl around the base of my cock, and her lips slip over the head...

I cry out "Oh, GOD I LOVE YOU! Please...please DON'T STOP!!"

The surroundings fade, and the sensations grow stronger...her hands and her scent fill my senses, and the perfect pressure of her lips is SO POWERFUL that my back arches upward in animal desire to attain more contact. Her hand now circles the shaft with each upward and downward stroke. I reach between her legs, and feel her wetness dripping from her pussy in response to MY OWN arousal.

I am now FULLY awake, and the bedroom is bathed in a low white light. The lips that still provide perfect suction on my cockhead now pull away with a "POP" of suction, and my angel crawls over me in bed. She is dressed in a silken white gown, as in the dream, underneath are the most erotic pair of black panties and bra I could ever imagine, and she is even more beautiful in person than in the throes of slumber.

I know the face.

It's you.

The one I love most of all.

The one I dream of every night!

And straddling my body, your pussy finds the head of my cock, crowns it perfectly, and you lean in close to my ear and whisper:

"I love you."

And your hips thrust downward, taking my entire cock to the hilt...

And then I wake up...and you are not there.


Little Girl...

The drive home is mundane and long, but the tedium of the day is worth it. Today is Wednesday, and every Wednesday, she will be waiting when I walk in the door. My little girl. The most beautiful little angel I know, and she is waiting for ME. Sundays are the Lord's Day. Mondays are too stressful. Tuesdays she has her evening to practice her music and her dance. Wednesdays are for Sir to enjoy his little girl in the special way HE desires, and she knows that he expects her to be READY when He walks in the door.

I pull into the driveway, and see her face in the window for one half a second before the curtains dance themselves closed. I know what she is doing inside, and I walk calmly yet excitedly, in anticipation of what this evening always holds. I rattle the keys int he door, and I step inside and close the door behind me. She is standing in the living room with her hands folded neatly in front of her, a little pink and blue sundress that hits just above the knee, pigtails in her hair, and my words to her sound the beginning of HER gift to ME.

"I'm ready, little girl."

She races over to me, hands flying for my belt. Yes Sir!" she says with frantic devotion in her voice. My pants fall to the floor, boxers are jerked down by her eager hands, and my already stiffening cock is then SWALLOWED by her pouting lips. She slides her lips up and down over the head, and my body trembles with it's first sustained contact. I step out of my pants and boxers, and she takes them in her hands and deftly tosses them into the hamper eight feet away--never once losing her lips' contact with the head of my cock. She takes my hips in her hands, and leads me over to my chair in the living room, her head still bobbing up and down on my cock. I sit, and her frantic sucking now slows to a loving spiral ov her hands and mouth. My orgasm is building deep within me, and she senses the head pulsing under her tongue. She gives me a "longing" look in her eyes, and makes a little "whimper" like a child begging for her dessert. Her hands and mouth become more eager now, and I look into her eyes and say with a gentle loving voice... 

"I love my girl...."

She groans at this expression of love, and the vibrations from her vocal chords send tingles all the way to the base of my cock. Her mouth spirals up and down on the head, her right hand spiral s the opposite direction on the shaft, and her left hand gently squeezes my balls. She gives me one more pleading look, and then whimpers one last time as her left hand squeezes my balls. The sensations sweeps over me like a wildfire, and I groan loudly as the first spurt explodes into her mouth.

"Oh, dear GOD!!! Oh God...Oh...God!!! Coming SO HARD little girl! I love my girl...so much!!"

Her tongue sweeps back and forth over the head, and each spurt hits her tongue before being swallowed eagerly by MY LITTLE GIRL. My orgasm subsides, and I cradle her head in my hands...and her mouth never leaves the head of my cock.

We have an understanding. Wednesdays, she is MY LITTLE GIRL, and I expect my little girl to suck my cock ALL NIGHT LONG...never removing her mouth from the head. She is allowed bathroom breaks and she may speak as long as her head remains in my lap. Her goal is to DESIRE my orgasm ONLY, and MY goal is to GIVE her MY ORGASM as many times as I can. If she pulls away, she knows what the consequences will be. (And before the night is over, she will certainly test those waters.)

Her head lies in my lap as she tells about her day, and I gently stroke her hair. She playfully teases the shaft with her fingertips, and leans over and kisses the head again and again. My cock stiffens again, and her lips are slipped over the head before I can even come to full erection. She moves slower now, her head twisting and turning on the shaft. Her mouth goes from base to tip, her tongue dancing up and down the underside of the shaft. One hand goes under my bottom and teases my rear opening, and then finds the ultra sensitive area between my asshole and my balls...and massages gently. I feel my orgasm building again, and she senses it as well...she goes faster, now using her mouth and curled fingers as an orgasmic "sheath" for my cock. Up and down...up and down...my hands grab her pigtails, and I stand....she opens her throat up, ready for my next movements. I begin to full-force fuck her mouth, the head of my cock driving into her throat. I feel my orgasm churning up ward from deep within me, and her hands grab my hips as she EVEN NOW assists my need to fuck her mouth...

(She is MINE...)

My orgasm cannot be stopped now....I feel the room spinning...her mouth is slamming up and down over the shaft of my cock...I feel my balls contract...and when the first spasm hits, I grab her head and thrust DEEP into her mouth, her lips taking me to the very hilt...and one spasm after another sends spurt after spurt of my come down her throat. My legs get weak, and as the last spasm hits, I lose my balance, and slowly fall back into my chair.

Her mouth never leaves the head of my cock.

I lie there breathless, and she pulls away and lies her head in my lap again. I tell her how much I love her, and she giggles and says "I love you more." The words make my cock jump in her hand, and she looks up at me and grins. She says "Sir, I think I am done now. I'm going to go read a book. You can get yourself off next time."

I sit bold upright, and let my eyes bore into hers. She gasps, and says "Is this a problem, Sir?"

I stand, and lead her over to the corner she knows quite well. I let her stand there for a moment, and reaffirm our agreement. I say to her "Tell me what happens on Wednesdays." A sly smile escapes her lips, and she says in a mocking tone "Sir obviously is getting old, since he can't remember!"

With that, I take her hand and lead her over the chair we refer to as her "spanking chair". She stamps her foot "I don't need a spanking! I know what good little girls do!" I sit, and lie her across my lap, her bottom exposed, and deliver the first "CRACK" of my hand across her bottom She cries out "Oh, please...NO!" I deliver another swat, and another...her bottom goes from light pink to rose red, and her body trembles with each swat. Finally, she says "Oh, dear GOD please no more! I will tell you what happens on Wednesdays!"

I sit her up, and let her stand in front of me again, her hands clasped in front of her. She clears her throat and says "Tuesdays I get to go out with my friends, Thursdays I get my Sir's FULL attention to my clit. Wednesdays I suck Sir's cock from the moment he walks in the door until He says I am done! No stopping and no walking away!"

"Thank you, little girl." I say. Now, shall we continue?

She falls to her knees again, and begins kissing the head of my cock. She looks up at me, and says with a coy little grin "I just needed a reminder, Sir...am I a good girl for remembering what you like?" I moan a little as her hand begins stroking the shaft gently, and she stares up at my eyes and says "Thank you, sir."

She then begins sucking the head in her mouth and letting it "pop" out again and again. The sensation is overwhelming, and I groan "Oh, God yes...please...good girl....Oh, I love you!"

She giggles, and that is when I notice the first thing that distracts me from her mouth. She is wearing sandals, and her cute little toes are peeking out. She has given herself a pedicure today, and her toenails are painted coral pink to match her dress. I gaze at her feet, and she sees me noticing them.

"Does Sir like my cute little toes?" she says.

I smile, and tell her how beautiful they are. She leans back, and places her feet in my lap.

"Does Sir want a closer look?" she says, and she wiggles the sandals off her feet. I hold one foot in my hand, and feel how soft the soles of her feet are, and how cute her toes splay outward to show off her nails. I rub her feet gently, and she sighs with contentment. I lie her feet in my lap, and she lets one toe run from my thigh to the base of my cock, then up to the sensitive spot under the head. I tremble all over, and she smiles. She looks deep into my eyes, and says with so much lust I can't help but feel my cock jerk underneath the soles of her feet:

"When you are at work, sometimes I get off thinking about Wednesdays and Thursdays...and when I come, my toes curl so far that my legs buck upward and I come SO HARD...now I want to feel your cock explode with my toes curled around it....please, Sir?"

Her feet begin slowly sliding up and down the shaft, and my head goes back and I begin pleading with her "Oh, little girl...need to come SO BAD...please make me come...please!" Her feet massage the shaft up and down....up and down....and my orgasm builds deep within my body. I feel my body tense, and her toes work their magic on the head of my cock. My orgasm is closer...and closer....and her feet now pump up and down across the shaft...the rush sweep over me, and I grab her feet and thrust my cock hard against her, as those "cute little toes" now curl around MY COCK. I spurt six, eight, ten times...and her feet gently work the come into their own purpose of lubrication for her toes to draw even MORE sensation from my cock.

I pant...and gasp....and beg for her to stop....but her feet keep working up and down, up and down on the sensitive head...and when my orgasm finally ends, she leans up and lies her head in my lap again. I stroke her hair, and she smiles as she says:

"Tomorrow is MY day..." 

Her Voice...

My dream is beautiful, I am swimming in the warmest ocean I have ever felt, and the sun is on my back as I surface. I walk to the sandbar, and there you stand, you run to me, your arms wrap around me, and we hold each other close. You whisper in my ear "Hold that pose..." and you drop to your knees. Your gentle hands caress my cock, then your mouth...

I awaken, and discover that the dream was not entirely illusion. I am blindfolded, and my legs and wrists are tied to the four bedposts, firmly. My cock is at full attention, and your lips are exploring every inch of it. Kissing the head reverently, licking the shaft from top to bottom, flicking your tongue gingerly across the spot right below the head. Every few seconds or so, your pop the head in your mouth, sucking gently...and my back arches each time this occurs, searching for deeper contact.

I want to demand an explanation for this. I want to cry out to you "Young lady, this is NOT our agreement. We NEVER swap roles, ever!" but my cock is being FULLY ATTENDED TO at the moment, and my words and thoughts fade into nothing. You feel my cock swell each time your mouth covers it, and you taste the hints of precum that seep out with each suckle of your mouth and tongue. You are teasing me, quite adeptly I might add, and each plunge of your mouth down the shaft makes my self control obliterate into the lustful need for orgasm.

You whisper is barely audible "Come for me, little boy."

If I were not so nearing my orgasm, that would have broken my threshold and ended in you being reprimanded and spanked until you screamed. But your mouth is DETERMINED to have my climax, and I feel the tension inside me coiling up like a bowstring. You focus FULLY on the head now, using your hand and mouth as a blissfully wonderful "sheath" for my cock. The need for release is now beyond my ability to control. Your mouth plunges downward again and again, my hips thrusting upward to meet your rhythm. My spine tingles, and your free hand cups by balls gently. You give one final squeeze to them, and my orgasm surges through me like a fire raging across a sheet of parchment. I feel my pelvic muscles contract, and I close my eyes as the first spurt explodes into your mouth. 

The first spasm is so intense my jaws clench tightly, and a low, gutteral growl escapes from my lips as one spasm after another shakes my body like waves crashing on the sand. Normally, when this occurs, you take me to the hilt, letting me shoot down your throat, but this time you are focusing intently on the head, sweeping your tongue across that ONE--MADDENING--SPOT each time my cock jerks, and the sensation is so overwhelming that I make noises like an wild animal in chains. The spasms continue to rock my body, until finally with trembling lips I fall to the bed, completely spent and unable to move.

I know what will happen next, (you have been trained well)...you will go to the sink, like a good little subby, wet a cloth with warm water, and bring it back to wrap around my cock. But that is NOT what happens. Instead, I feel you shifting on the bed, and I sense your knees being placed on either side of my head. Your body lowers, and I inhale the scent of your arousal. Your pussy is so wet that the aroma of your sex fills the air, and suddenly I notice something strange as your crotch brushed my lips. The scent is not familiar. Yours is sweet, with just a hint of estrogen-filled spice...this scent is JUST as intoxicating, but completely new, and unless you were capable of growing a full patch of pubic hair overnight, this is NOT you above me...this is...another person!!

"Who are you?!" I demand. Tell me who you are!!

You do not reply, and your pussy now hovers just inches above my mouth.

"Would you like to taste me?" you purr.

My mind is reeling. I have no idea what is going on. Is this a game? Am I being recorded? Am I being "raped"? What the fuck is this?!

"I want to know why you are doing this!" I demand.

"Mmmm...." you reply. "You want to taste me, don't you."

I tremble as your aroma drifts down to me, and from a place I don't understand come the words "Yes, please."

"That's a good boy." you giggle. And your pussy covers my mouth.

I greedily lick and devour this new taste being given to me, and you unmercifully grind your pussy into my face. I lick your clit with such determination that you are immediately shuddering through the first waves of your climax. Your scent fills the air again, deeper this time, and I once again attempt to reason with you.

"But, who are you? I don't know why this is happ--"

You lean forward and swallow my cock again, and begin sucking furiously on the post-orgasmic hypersensitive head.

I scream like a child "NO! PLEASE GOD .......NO!! .....OH FUCK NO!!!!....."

You ignore my pleading, sucking like mad on the head, and my body betrays me as my cock begins to stiffen again, The soft underside of your tongue pillows gently against the underside of the head now, you slow down a bit, and my mind goes into a euphoric state of confusion between the buzzing of my cockhead, the smell of your sex, and the uncertainty of what the hell is going on.

You pull away for a moment. "How do I taste, little boy?" you say. Your voice is familiar. I know it, but can't place it. I don't know how to respond except with honesty.

"You...taste...wonderful. Pungent, tart, and yet sweet all at once. Who are you? Please tell me."

"No, no, no..." you reply. "The game is not over yet." You change position again, now straddling me. Your lips descend onto mine and we kiss with such passion that the very taste of your mouth and movements of your tongue over mine make my neck and spine tingle with desire. I feel your pussy teasing the head of my cock. Your lower yourself slowly, your muscles gripping the head and then as it "pops" inside you, you groan in blissful passion and I feel your kegels grip the shaft like mad.

You whisper to me "I've been practicing my workout. My muscles are quite strong. I'm going to show you what they can do." and with that, your mouth covers mine again, and your hips begin an exotic upward and downward dance that sends my mind into a blur of seeing stars and hearing the thudding of my own heartbeat. Up and down you ride me, and I feel your muscles clamp down with each upward stroke and again with each downward thrust. My cock is in blissful torment, I feel the come building in my balls, and just as I think I might slip over the edge, you halt all movement and wait a full 30 seconds before moving again.

This continues for what seems like 15 minutes or more. My cock is so hard that my balls are aching. I need to come so badly that I want to beg for it, but I will not give you the satisfaction. I decide to disguise my climax, and as I feel it building once more I lie as still as possible, I am almost at the point of no return when you cease all movement again.

I cry out "OH, GOD PLEASE!"

You giggle, and say "Only because you asked sweetly."

You go into a full force fucking now...hard and fast....hips thrusting and pumping my cock, no signs of teasing left. I arch my back, and I let out a cry so loud it shaked the walls as I feel the first spurt explode inside you.

"Oh God YES!" you cry out "I feel you coming...feel it shooting into me! Oh, God yes!!"

I deliver each spurt into you, perhaps ten or more, and even after my orgasm subsides, you still pump your hips up and down on my cock...draining me of anything remaining. You collapse onto me, pressing my cock deep inside you, and your muscles grip me again and again for the next few minutes, until my being utterly spent makes my cock too weak to sustain penetration.

You slip off my body, kissing me gently on the lips and one last reverent kiss of my cock. I hear you getting dressed, and your voice echoes in my ears "Thank you so much, little boy. I have been needing that for so long. You were JUST what I needed." I feel you hand run across my inner thigh, and then you say "I've loosened one of the ropes on your hands just enough to enable your escape within a few minutes. Forgive my...intrusion." and you leave as your footsteps fade away and the front door closes. I frantically jerk at my ropes, I hear your car start and drive away, and after several more minutes of struggle, my right hand breaks free. I remove my bindings, and am just about to lose my mind when I hear the phone ring.

And on the other end I hear the voice of ther person I was expecting to begin with...my love.

"Hi sweetie, are you up?"

I am afraid of what is going on here, so I play dumb for a moment.

"Umm, yeah! I need to get a shower!"

"Good, we're going out tonight, remember? Oh, and did you get a call from a friend of mine named Jane?"

"No...why?" I answer "Who is she?"

"She's a friend of mine from college...she said she might stop by and pick up something I forgot at home today."

"No...I...um..haven't seen her." I say.

What a double entendre that statement turned out to be...

Bound and Determined

You arrive home to dark windows, The house is a silent cavern of dead air. A power failure has taken all methods of seeing your way clearly. You fumble your way to the cupboard, find a candle and match...


You make your way to the bedroom, your entire day was spent stealing your eyes away from your work computer to read trashy erotica and secretly rubbing your legs together to find any discreet release.

You open the bedroom door, certain you will find me asleep in bed.

You walk over to my side, find it empty, wonder what the hell I am doing NOT at home, then turn around.

Your hands are suddenly grabbed and wrists are firmly pinned to the bed as your body falls backward, handcuffs are fastened deftly to each bedpost, and now your wrists are gently led to, and snugly closed within them. Your feet are taken now, ropes binding each ankle and then holding them fast to the lower bedposts.

You know better than to cry out.

You twist gently in your confines and feel patient fingertips that gently lower your panties....

...and then my tongue finds your clit...




Ladies' Night In...

For some reason, this story seems to be the one I get the most compliments on. Interesting that it is also the only "requested" one I didn't want to write.

It's been a long day, and I am ready to be home. I was lucky enough to be given a break tonight, and not have to pull a double like I originally told her. All I want to do is come home to her, hold her, kiss her, take a hot bath with her in my arms, then take her to bed and take her to orgasm...again and again.

The entire drive home this consumes me, and the fact she isn't answering the phone must mean she is either taking a nap, or she is talking with her best friend Jessy...who she can't click over with even for me. That's okay...I am coming come, and very soon, SHE will be coming. Repeatedly.

I pull in the driveway, and I see Jessy's car. THAT'S why she won't answer. She is too busy laughing and talking. Now I will have to hint around in an attempt to get Jessy to leave so I can have her to myself.

How I love both you and her. You have known her for years, and when we married, Jessy was your maid of honor. Had my eyes not been so utterly taken with you that day, I might have noticed how perfectly Jessy's curves had filled that tight little pink dress. My groomsmen were gawking like idiots, and I so badly wanted to tell them "Good luck boys, Jessy only has eyes for the ladies!"

I have always wanted to know how you and Jess talk when I am not around. Do you gossip? Do you laugh at people you know, or at me? Whenever I walk in, you always clam up when you are with her, and you giggle like you have an inside joke. Well today, I decided I would eavesdrop. Find out what you guys are saying. I slowly open the door, and I hear you two giggling like schoolgirls. I take off my shoes, and slowly walk back to the bedroom where I hear your voices. The door is open just an inch, and I look inside.

And lose my breath.

You are lying on the bed, your legs spread fully wide, and your panties are around your ankles. Jessy is planting the lightest of kisses directly on your clit. So light I can see her lips caress it, and your hips rise in a vain attempt to secure more contact. Jessy laughs, and presses her lips fully over your clit, her tongue now doing a dance that I can only imagine, because your head jolts backward and your fingers curl into her hair as your hips buck upward against her mouth.

"OOoooOOOOOOHHHHH!!!!!!" you cry out.

"Mmmmm...." Jessy purrs as her muffled voice cries out in response.

I cannot breathe. I am so fully transfixed on this imagine in front of me, I have lost my own ability to reason. My cock is at FULL ERECTION, and I have already begun stroking myself without having meant to.

Your hips rise and fall under her mouth's torment, and Jessy alternates between full-on sucking your clit, licking it playfully, inserting a little pink vibrator, and tasting your juices...your hips, rise again, and her hands curl under your ass to brace for your orgasm. Your gasp again and again, and then in one quick movement, your legs close around her head, and you groan "OH FUUuuUUuuuUUU--UU--UuuCKKKK!!! JESSY!!!"

You collapse down, and Jessy licks the last of your juices with greedy desire. She crawls over your body, kissing a little trail from your clit all the way to your lips. One kiss given to her in return, and you say "He won't be home for a while yet, you can go get us drinks from the fridge, don't worry about putting on a robe."

Jessy laughs, hops off the bed, her full breasts bouncing with each movement. She is at the door before I can think, and I quickly duck into the laundry room by the bedroom door. She walks out, looking both ways, and then passes the dark laundry room. She pauses by the door, looks inside, and I try to remain as still as possible in the darkness. She listens quietly, and I hold my breath. A second or two passes, and without turning on the light, Jessy walks into the laundry room...feeling her way along the wall. I stand motionless, and as her hand slides from the wall by me to my own hand against the wall, she stops...and laughs quietly.

"Hmm...an intruder." she laughs to herself. "Did you like our show, sir?"

I let out a nervous breath...and before I can speak, she purrs "I wonder how YOUR cock tastes."

"Dear God..." I stammer

"MMM....no need for titles that aren't deserved. Would you like me to...suck your cock?" she says.

I groan, and I feel her hands slide along my legs as she slips to her knees. The head of my cock is SO HARD that I can feel it pulsing madly, and the sudden "zip" of cool air against it makes me strain with desire, and my cock LEAPS out to meet Jessy's beckoning lips.

Her eyes have adjusted, and so have mine I feel her thumb touch the tip, and the precum that was seeping from the head is now generously massaged into the underside of the ridge. I groan louder.."Oh..god...please...please..."

Another giggle, and the final words I hear before my mind is taken over by her mouth are "Yes, sir."

Her lips slipped over the head, and her tongue is SO SKILLED in the area of oral sex that I feel my orgasm being drawn out of me with her tongue, little electric waves of pleasure pulsing up and down the shaft...she changes attack now, and with no desire for teasing, her mouth begins bobbing up and down...up and down...up and DOWN...her hands massage my balls...and I feel the climax of the decade building deep within my groin. I try to delay things...focus on NOT coming...enjoy this a bit longer...when suddenly--


Lights come on...my wife is standing in the doorway, first a look of dumbstruck shock, then as I envision my entire relationship going down the toilet, her shock turns to a smile, and a fantasy I never thought would EVER happen to me in TEN lifetimes, unfolds in her words:

"Jessy...I'm not gonna let you do this..."

"...I'll fight you for his orgasm."

She comes over next to Jessy and kneels as well. She looks up at me and says. "We'll each get 30 seconds, alternating back and forth...whoever wins your orgasm is the BEST at oral. Ready Jessy?"

My voice shakes as I try to utter anything, and my wife's mouth swallows my cock. Her tongue is not as skilled as Jessy's, but she makes up for it with determination...deep throating me, teasing the head again and again I moan...needing release, and just as I begin to reach orgasm, she pulls away and Jessy takes over

Jessy...oh god...her tongue so BRILLIANT in it's mastery that I feel my first orgasm build...and build..and then Jessy looks up at me and winks...and I know what is going to happen. Her hand gently massages my balls, and I slip over the edge...

The first spurt is SO deep that it takes ALL MY SANITY to not cry out...I groan, and Jessy's tongue draws out one spurt after another...I tremble and shake...and with one move SO skilled I almost die, she takes one last DEEP throat and lets her tongue slide up the bottom of the shaft, draining my last spurt from me.

I'm going to die from this...I just know it...I know what is coming next, and it won't be pleasant.

My wife takes over again, seemingly unaware of my orgasm, and goes FULL TILT on my cock. The BUZZING of sensory overload from my previous orgasm is UNBEARABLE as her tastebuds slide across the head. I cry out again, and again, and just as I feel like I can't take it anymore, Jessy taps her shoulder, and her waiting mouth finds my cock AGAIN.

Jessy is merciful, and lets only her lips slide up and down...the lightest touch....I tremble now, and feel my cock reviving under her skilled art. After a few more gentle caresses, she sadistically takes the head in one firm "suck" and I cry out once more as the head "pops" free.

My wife returns, and this time is so determined to win she takes the shaft in her hand as well, twisting her grip with each plunge of her mouth over my cock. My legs are weakening, and just as I think it cannot get any better, I feel another mouth from below, taking BOTH my balls in. Jessy's tongue gently massages my balls from inside her mouth, and my body cries out for release. My wife's mouth and hand are madly fucking me, and with my last sane though, I decide there is NO WAY this orgasm could be any better than it is going to be!

Until Jessy feels my balls contract inside her mouth, and when my first spasm hits, her index finger snakes into my ass and massages my prostate...I groaned, threw my head back and cried out


I came SO HARD that I saw stars and I lost my hearing for a moment....my orgasm rocketing into my wifes mouth, coaxed gently by Jessy's finger deep inside me. I scream out "Oh GOD Oh GOD OoooOOOoooo---OOOoooooOOOooo---GOD!!!!"

And my body and legs give out. I collapse to the floor, and Jessy and my wife look at me, smiling...very mischievously.

Jessy looks at my wife, and says "Looks like you win."
My wife laughs and says "Prove it." and she kisses Jessy deeply, tongue snaking inside Jessy's mouth.
Jessy moans, and my wife pulls away.
"I know how he tastes. You won!"

I tremble again...words will not find my lips. They look at me and smile, and Jessy says "Now it's OUR TURN, right?"

My wife grins, and says "Oh HELL yes!"

And I am pulled to my feet, and led to the bedroom.... 

For my enjoyment...

You push your way into your apartment after a long day at work and school. The day has been one long stressful event and you just want to relax. You draw a bath, light some scented candles, turn on some soft music, and prepare to unwind for the day.

That's when you remember the text you received from me this morning.

"Tonight, when you get home, I will be in the house watching you, but I won't tell you where I am. Sit in my chair in the living room, strip naked, caress your body all over, finger your pussy and rub your clit, and come for me while I watch."

You shiver all over, look to your left and right, and smile as a nervous sigh escapes you. Shoes come off, bare feet caress the carpet, and then you peel off one item after another. Your shirt is unbuttoned slowly, and when you pull it off, your PERFECT breasts hang heavily inside your pink lace bra. Your hands hands fly to the hooks behind you, and in three quick snaps your breasts fall free from their prison, the air around you making your nipples hard and alert. Your slip off your pants, and kick them to the side, legs so beautiful I have to force myself to stay hidden to keep from running to you so you can wrap them around my waist. You breathe deeply, sit down in the chair, and let the boxers I gave you slip down to your ankles.

Your hands trace your tummy, fingertips trailing upward to your breast, cupping them gently with your hands while thumbs and forefingers gently twist your nipples. You breathing is heavier, and your head lies back as your eyes flutter. While your left hand continues with nipple stimulation, your right hand goes to your mouth, and your gently suck your index and middle fingers...wetting them thoroughly. Your hand then travels down to your crotch, and the initial contact with your clit is SO powerful your eyes roll backward and your neck goes limp as your head leans back. A tiny moan comes from you "Ooooohhhhh..."

Your arousal is greater than I imagined, as your fingers begin rubbing your clit like MAD. After less than one minute, your first orgasm hits, and your entire body shakes violently and you cry out "Oh! Oh! Fuck...FUUUCKKK!!! Oh, god..." then your legs relax, and you slow your movements against your clit to a gently sweeping motion.

Your head rolls to the side, and you smile. "May I have another, sir?" you ask gently. I don't answer. You laugh, and say "If you object sir, say so." Now I smile, and remain silent.

Your hand now goes to your pussy again, and your two fingers enter your opening. Your other hand now goes to your clit, and a dance begins between your thrusting fingers and your bucking hips. You look like a sweat-sheened sexual goddess, writhing and moaning under your own fingers' stimulation. It takes longer this time, and you have to take little breaks now and then to catch your breath. From my vantage point, I can not only see your arousal, but smell the heat of your sex in the air. I long for it...DESIRE it...want to TASTE your clit and juices on my own tongue, and as if you knew what I was thinking, you pause to move your hand to your mouth, licking your fingertips...savoring your own lust.

I growl inwardly as a selfish thought enters my head "I want that taste of your sex...it's MINE...not YOURS! Give it to me!!" I close my eyes to hold my desires back, then open them again to see your next move. My vision is now treated to your hips and back arching upward so far I fear the chair may topple. You are grunting and panting...tiny little noises trip outward from your lips as you have begun "tapping" your clit with anxious fingers...you are trying to delay your orgasm, but it isn't working. You are too close to the edge now...to stop would be unbearable.

You can't stop.

Your body won't let you.

Fingers are flying both inside and outside your pussy...your back arches and relaxes like a bucking bronco as one wave after another hits you...your plateau is reached...and with one final jolt of your hips you climax with the intensity of a woman driven mad--posessed with a demon only orgasm can release...then as quickly as you began, you fall breathless to the chair...panting. I see your legs twitch from excess nerve activity, and a tiny little sentence falls from your lips...three words so musical in quality and sweet in taste that I can hardly bear the joy I possess in having you as my little sex-slave:

"For you, Sir..." 

Naughty Girl...

Today I painted a house for a couple with a disabled husband and a wife with arthritis. Sixteen cans of sage green paint. I am so green right now. Call me planet-friendly...do it, I say!

I was at Kroger on the way home to get ice cream...to go with the booze they gave me for helping paint. The ice cream is in the freezer.... the booze is gone. God Bless America!


So anyhow, I'm at Kroger, right? And as I am checking out, I notice in the line ahead of me is a HOOTER GIRL! She is in her full uniform too, super-tight shorts, ultra-tight tank top, her little butt is so squeezed into those shorts you can make out the shape of her cell phone she has squeezed into the waistband. She's wearing a sports-bra under the tank, and her boobs are perfect little baseball-sized pillows of AMAZINGNESS. She turns on her heel, and her legs are so nice I just STARE.

So yes, by the time I am imagining what it would be like to make love to her. Not fuck her. MAKE LOVE to her. Take my time, peel away her clothing little by little and just explore her body with my tongue in little licks and flicks. Find (what is sure to be) a perfectly manicured little pussy that is BEGGING to be licked and then fucked so slowly and gently she BEGS for me to FUCK HER HARDER!

My thoughts are interrupted, though...because as if she knew I was staring, she turns around and locks eyes with me. She looks at my face, trails her gaze downward to my cock (I was not sporting yet...but it wouldn't have taken much more) and then her eyes meet mine again. I am BLOWN AWAY. This is NOT a Hooter Girl. She cannot be more than 16...if THAT. She is sucking on a lollipop, and she gives me a look that says "Hi middle aged dude. Don't judge me. I know my ass is fine as hell, and you ain't my daddy, so don't even look shocked."

I paid for my groceries, walked out and went to my car. I saw her leave the store and hop into a guys' car that sported a decal for the local high school. Yep. She's a freshman at best...high school freshman. A little sassy high school freshman with an ASS that NEEDED to be spanked...turned OVER MY KNEE, and spanked.

Would I have sex with her if she was as young as I think? Hell no. Would I enjoy it?

No comment.

But, I'll bet that lollipop was being treated to the most AMAZING little tongue...

THAT idea...the idea of her sassy little mouth SUCKING ME OFF?

Good lord.

Okay, back to the land of LEGALITIES.

You'll have to drunk me...I'm forgive. 

The Intruder

I step into a darkened room, one lone spotlight points downward in a bright circle of radiance. Beneath the spot light is the object of my sexual desire.


Earlier that day, I had waited for you to come home. You'd walked to the door, and instead of needing your key, the door stood ajar. This puzzled you. You poked your head inside and called to me, but I did not answer. You stepped inside, closed the door behind you, and kicked off your shoes. You went to the bedroom, took off your shirt, and opened the closet to look inside for your bathrobe. From behind you, without warning I step silently and pull a black pilowcase over your head. I've doused myself in cheap cologne, and I whisper "Don't scream and I won't hurt you." You don't recognize my voice, and your breath comes in terrified gasps. "Please...don't hurt me...take whatever you want, just don't hurt me!" I stroke your cheek with a gloved hand, and whisper "I won't hurt you, but I'm going to fuck you...make no mistake." You whimper in fear "Oh God...please no..."

I drag you to rec room, tie your wrists and ankles, sit you in an chair, then turn out the lights...darkness surrounds us now. I remove the black pillowcase from your head, and tie it around your eyes. I stand over you, and whisper again "I'll be back. If you have moved when i return, I'll take more than just your SEX." You cry again..."No, sir...I won't move.."

I walk to the door and close it behind me. I sit outside for five minutes, listening to your breathing quicken...and then I open the door again.

The spotlight you sit under blocks any chance of your seeing me from behind your blindfold. I walk slowly toward you, letting my hiking boots fall loudly to heighten your fear of the unknown. I come within two feet of you, let out a deep breath, and whisper "Now that I have tied you up, undressing you will be difficult." You whimper again. I whisper "So, I'll have to undress you another way." I pull a pair of fabric scissors from my back pocket, and make loud "snipping" sounds as I laugh in a whisper.

You cry out to me "No, please...please...don't hurt my clothes...Sir bought them for me...Sir will be SO angry if they get destroyed...they were a gift...please...I won't move...just don't cut my clothing!" I chuckle inwardly...you are such a good little obedient girl...remembering your manners even when being threatened with rape. I whisper again to you "I'm going to step forward...and you are going to suck my cock...suck it like you life depends on it...and you will swallow every drop when I come...if you do, I'll consider NOT fucking your pussy afterward. Got it, wench?" Your breath quickens, you shudder, and finally you whisper under your tears "Swallow it sir...all of it."

I step forward; your hands are still bound. I whisper to you "If you bite my cock, I will break your jaw!" You cry out "NO!! No, please...I won't...I promise...just please...don't hurt me!" I grin, and step forward; my cock hard as steel. You rise to your knees, and part your lips, wetting them slightly. I move my cock to your mouth, and when the head touches your lips, you move forward, taking the head into your mouth. I feel your tongue swirl around it...have to fight to keep from groaning...even in THIS position you know your craft so well. Your tongue continues, and then suddenly, you recognize the shape of the head...and the curve of the shaft...and the taste of my skin...you pull away for a moment...turn your head upward...and say "Oh, Sir...sir it's you...oh, God...what would SIR have his girl do?!" You tremble with relief as I stroke your hair, and when I reach for your nipples and gently twist, the masochistic arousal of being raped takes it's toll and you shudder with your first orgasm.

I remove your blindfold, and now all you see is my silhouette standing over you. I push my cock into your mouth again, grabbing your hair and face-fucking you. Your mouth and tongue are working overtime even with my slamming my cock down your throat. Feels so good...and I have to will myself not to orgasm yet. I finally pull my cock out of your mouth, push you backward , cut your leg cords and jerk your jeans and undies off. With no time for gentle caressing given, I force myself into your pussy...slamming SO HARD into you the rug underneath us shifts under my force. Hammering into you, not giving a shit how hard I thrust...when your hips rise off the floor, I slap your ass and say "Sit DOWN NOW!" You comply, and I continue to penetrate you like a jackhammer. You orgasm again, a scream escapes you, and I close my eyes as I feel your muscles contract around my cock.

Suddenly I rise to my feet again, find your mouth and say "Taste YOUR juices, little girl." I slip the head into your mouth, and you swirl your tongue around it again. The feeling is INDESCRIBABLE. I jerk my head backward, screaming your name.

I feel the rush rip through my body, and although I want to come in your mouth SO BADLY, this will be a different story...with a new ending.

I pull away.

You look up at me.

And I groan as the first spurt shoots over your shoulder, and the second, third, fourth, and fifth shower your face with MY offering to the GODDESS of my orgasm.


The Cathedral

Another one, by request. I don't know if I like this one as much as some of the others. Still, here goes nothing:

A chill races across the grasslands of the church graveyard that lines the chapel I have journeyed to in search of solace. Winter has come full-force, and I hear the bells from the cathedral chime in an eerie, mournful cascade of harmony. With my coat wrapped around me, I walk with purpose to the huge oak doors that lead into the sanctuary. I place my hand on the iron handle, and the door swings open against the wind, almost too strong to handle. With determination, I close it behind me, and stand in the hollowness of the high-columned walls of the church's heart. Stained glass windows reflect the sun in myriads of glowing primaries, and my steps echo to the archways 50 feet above.

I am alone.

I walk to the front where the altar sits dusty and unused, and blow the cobwebs from a book that reads "Catechism 1250AD". Another wind from outside sends a whirl of howling notes across the moors, and then I hear the crash of a dish shattering from down the back hallway.

I am NOT alone.

"Who is there?!" I call out. "Is this the priest? I have come to make confession!"

A woman's voice calls from the hall "Nobody is here, and who are you? Announce yourself sir!"

I walk back to the place her voice comes from and she steps out of a small room. She is a young woman, no more than 19, and she wears a wedding dress. The train is in tatters, and the sleeves are fraying ribbons of lace. The bustier is clad in pearls, and a cameo around her neck dips just above her bodice. Her makeup is marred from tears she has shed, and she looks at me with remorse and anger.

"Who the FUCK are you asshole?!" she screams, curling her fists into futile little balls of hate. "Why didn't anyone tell me he would leave me?"

I told her I was a wayward traveler, looking for absolution, and the church called me from the distant road to it's bell tower. Her eyes softened, and she collapsed to the floor. I asked her what was happening to her, and she told me of the man who asked her hand in marriage. He had wooed her, romanced her, took her from her family, and led her to his home where he would marry her in the chapel he had chosen. The night before, he had told her she had to prove herself to him by surrendering her maidenhead--before he would marry her. She was terrified, but gave in to him, and after and frantic and painful 15 minutes, he dumped his load into her, fell asleep, and left her trembling and wanting more than just his seed...which now felt cold inside her. The next day, he had left her with a note on the pillow that read "You weren't enough for me to surrender my life to. Keep the wedding dress. Perhaps one day you can use it." After walking around in a daze, she went to the church, put on the dress, and went mad tearing apart anything in her wake.

Now here she sat, in shambles and aching for anything that felt real.

I took her tiny hand in mine, and helped her up from the floor. Her skin was pale, almost white. Her eyes were deep and longing for contact. Her touch was so gentle and soft, and as soon as she stood upright I fell to one knee, kissing her hand reverently. I couldn't help myself, she was so beautiful in spite of her tears.

"Please, Miss..." I said. "Don't dwell in anger...come with me. I don't have a lot, but I am so terribly alone." I told her of my travels, and how the woman I loved left for another man. I looked into her eyes, and assured her that if someone as beautiful as she could find it in her heart to marry ME, that I would care for her every need all her life.

She looked into my eyes, tears spilling over. "You, would...have me, sir?" she cried. "I'm no longer a spring flower, I'm a cut rose whose petals hang low, and fall one by one." I put a hand to her cheek, place a gentle kiss on her forehead, and lower myself to one knee. "If it would please you miss, take MY hand instead. We can marry here before the eyes of God, and journey onward to new life and love." I searched her eyes for response, and with a twinkle in them that mingled both sorrow and joy, she said "Oh, YES sir...YES!"

We knelt at the altar, and said our vows to one another. Prayers for protection, and then kissed so deeply as husband and wife I felt my feet would leave the floor. I held her in my arms, and carried her to the bridal room of the church. I placed her in the chair by the mirror, and knelt at her feet once more. By the washbasin, I found a soft cloth and dampened it. I wiped away her tears and washed her hands and gently cleaned the bottoms of her feet. I gently kissed each toe, letting her know how precious her gift to me was...the gift of HERSELF.

I stood behind her, and began to unlace her dress. With each lacing, her breath came deeper and her body relaxed more. I felt the sorrow melting from her, and when finally her dress hung loose against her frame, I lifted it gently over her, and looked into her eyes. The corset that held her frame into a perfect hourglass was so erotic to me that I was relieved to see it went no lower than her hip bones. I scooped her up and carried her to the sitting area behind her, and laid her back against one of the pillows. I lowered myself to her legs, and let my calloused hands trace her lines. I moved higher, and found her beautiful pubic mound and the little patch of dark hair that surrounded her womanhood. When I let my mouth come near her opening, she whimpered nervously "Oh please, sir...be gentle.." Her opening was so beautiful and was sure to taste so sweet and full of the unknown that I had to will myself to heed her request. I moved forward gently, letting my tongue tickle her pussy's inner lips. Her breath caught in her throat, and I felt her hips move upward. "Oh, sir...more please sir..." I lost all will to hold back now, and planted my mouth fully over her clit and let my tongue flicker across it with gentle abandon. Her wetness found my tastebuds, and I could think of no wine I had ever tasted that was so intoxicating. Her reaction was electrifying...her hands flew to the pillows behind her head, pushing one over her face as her muffled screams tore through me to the very center of my throbbing cock. I continued to lick her...taste her...suckle her...her body twisting into such an array I thought her tiny frame might snap in two. Suddenly, I let my tongue thrust deep into her opening...tasting the very source of her delicious flow. She sat bold upright, grabbed my head and held it so tight against her I could feel her insides trebling as her first orgasm EVER rocketed through her body...her taste was SO DEEP and delicious I felt my cock spasm in desire. She groaned as her orgasm slowed, and then fell limp against the bedclothes behind her.

I stood up, and looked at her, so beautiful and unkempt. Legs and arms splayed in all directions...her breath coming in gasps that left her tiny tummy rising and falling. I dropped my clothing at my feet, crept over her body, placed my lips to her neck, and whispered in her ear "The night is yours, my dear. Tomorrow we ride. What do you desire of me? Her legs rose up to circle my waist, and her hips and back arched upward as well. I felt the tiny, wet opening of her pussy caress the head of my cock, my balls were aching so deeply they were now almost at bursting! She moved her hips upward, and I felt her pussy slip over the head...so tight the crown of my cock "popped" into her with such sensation that I felt my body lose control...I looked into her eyes, with my own passion and need PLEADING for her body to understand. She looked up at me once more, closed her eyes, and whispered in my ear.

"This girl is YOURS, sir...now FUCK ME until your eyes see no other girl BUT me.

With that, her hips SLAMMED upward so hard I felt the walls of her pussy contract against me on all sides, and my orgasm shot into her with such force that I lost consciousness. I remained there in such bliss that I drifted off...and only when the sun rose did I awaken to her voice.

We ride, sir...what would you have your girl wear as we depart? I glanced to the wedding dress, and she smiled. In a few moments, we were tearing across the countryside, her wedding dress cast to the wind, and her corseted body beneath my own cloak clung to my back as the bells of the church faded into the distance... 


You step in the door after a long day at school and work. I admire the adorable way your nose wrinkles at me when I tell you how beautiful my little schoolgirl is today. You drop your books and kick off your shoes, and flop down on the sofa...another day behind you. You smell the aroma of fresh Italian coming from the oven, and you smile as you think about my having stopped by the market on the way home from my work to pick up a few little things to make my girl smile...perhaps fresh basil, oregano, or some plum tomatoes. You let your head lie back, and feel your legs relax from the weight of the day.

I walk over to you with a spoon of alfredo sauce in hand, and let you taste. You smile in approval, and in a few minutes we are sitting down to a hot dinner of chicken alfredo and hot garlic bread. You eat ravenously, and afterward you say you are going to hop in the shower. You grab your pajamas on the way back, and I hear the bathroom door "click" and the shower pouring away.

I go to the bedroom and find the items I purchased for my little girl today. I unfold each item, admiring it...then folding each one back neatly and carry the new clothes back to the bathroom, and replace your pajamas with my new offering. I slip out of the bathroom undetected, and wait for you in the bedroom. I hear the shower shut off, and the curtain open...then the silence that follows. What must the little girl be thinking right now? "A new set of clothes...for me?" I wait with anticipation for you to appear in the doorway...and after five minutes, I hear your voice outside the door.

"May your girl enter, sir?"

The sound of your voice makes my cock tingle all over, and I say as calmly as I can "Yes, little girl...you may."

The door opens, and my breath is taken away by the sight of your new outfit. Your hair is still damp from the shower, and your feet are bare...but the rest of you is the most perfectly poised little schoolgirl I have ever seen. Your hand goes to your mouth, and you gently nibble a fingernail...your toe twists on the floor in front of you...and you look down nervously. A neat little white blouse, unbuttoned down to just below your breasts, a little plaid skirt with pleats that just barely go down far enough to cover your bottom, a tiny black garter peeking out from under your left hip, a black belt, and ribbons in your hair that form two damp little pigtails...

You are so beautiful and sexy that my heart flies into a spin. I walk over to you, my breath coming quicker, and carefully twirl a pigtail between my fingers. You look up at me, and I say in a very stern voice...

"Young lady, I'm afraid your scores on the exam weren't acceptable. If you ever expect to pass this class, your grades MUST improve."

You look up at me, and say with a gleam in your eye "But sir, I'm trying so hard, and if you didn't make your exams so tricky, I might be able to squeak by!"

I sense the sass in your voice, and my eyes denote my disapproval. "Young lady, your attitude is unacceptable. Kneel on the floor until you can learn to speak with more respect!"

You fall to your knees, and lower your head to gaze at the floor. "But sir, is there anything I can do to make a passing grade? Surely there is something that can be done!"

I look down at you, and your eyes peek upward to meet my gaze. Your hand rises up to my crotch, and gently strokes the bulge in my pants and squeezes the shaft that so painfully strains for release. I groan inwardly, and force my next words to sound even more stern. "You've bombed the written exam, there's no way you can make that up, I'm afraid."

You smile gently, and gaze lovingly at my crotch. Your fingers, unzip my slacks, reach in, find my now full-on hard cock, let the head jut outward toward your parting lips...and say "Is there any way I might be able to submit an ORAL exam?"

My cock's head is so hard it throbs like mad, and a tiny drop of precum appears at the opening. You eye it greedily, and I lose my mind as I feel your lips slip over the head.... 

Tea for Two

I finish mixing a fresh cup of hot peppermint tea, and stir it slowly, carefully holding it so it won't spill...in the other hand, a glass of crushed ice awaits it's own purpose. I let out a sigh of contentment; my sweet girl is waiting on me in the living room--waiting for her hot tea and glass of ice.

I step into the entryway, and there she sits. Her hair is in a braided ponytail, ropes tied to each wrist and the other ends to the legs of the sofa, arms spread wide for me. Her feet are fidgeting in place, and her eyes are concealed by a black silk scarf I tied firmly to blot out her surroundings. A tiny little pink dress and knee socks complete the image I have so carefully crafted for her. I walk forward, and as I stand by her feet, I say "Hello, sweet girl..."

She gasps..."Yes, Sir?!"

"Shh...yes, sweet baby girl...Sir is here." I say with a smile.

She shivers in relief and says "What would Sir have his girl to do?"

I step forward, and her breath quickens...she hears my footsteps, and she certainly hears the sound of my belt unbuckling...and the zip of my jeans.

She wets her lips...

I smile as I pull out my cock, already stiffening...six inches of surging-hard steel crowned by an almost perfectly round head. I l bring my hips close to her face, and let the head of my cock brush her lips. Though blindfolded, her mouth opens slightly and her lips part..she plants an open mouthed kiss on the tip, letting her tongue probe the tiny opening. I slide forward, her lips covering my cock and her tongue cupping the area just below the head. I groan as her tongue begins flashing back and forth...searching for my arousal and orgasm...but I have other plans...

I pull away, lower my lips to her mouth, and slide my tongue in, letting it dance across her teeth and lips...always hungry for her taste...God, I love my little girl. Wink

Again, I move lower, and find her panties covering the only part of her body I have not seen yet today. Earlier I had told her to shave for me, but do it in a way that would be a special surprise for me, like a present I could unwrap with greedy glee.

I hook my fingers under the waistband, and lower them slowly. I spread her legs, and beneath her little tummy is the most perfectly framed pussy I have ever seen. She is almost completely shaved, except for a tiny ribbon of dark curlies that runs from her bikini line down to her clit. I have to close my eyes for a moment and take a deep breath to keep from going wild with unbridled abandon with my searching tongue.

Instead, I take my time...my little girl will not be rushed.

I slip my arms around the gentle curve of her waist, feeling my fingers meet at her spine, then letting them trail upward, massaging her back as I go...then back downward, my hands gripping her ass. I pull her hips forward, and inhale her sweet aroma...my cock surges at the scent, begging my body to allow it to be inserted into my little girl's sweet vaginal grasp...but not yet...

Not yet.

She hasn't had her iced tea yet.

I take a sip of the steaming peppermint tea, while my other finger gently rubs her clit, preparing her wetness and arousal for it's first contact. I swirl the tea in my mouth, then lean forward, swallow the tea, and slip my hot tongue over her clit...sucking it, lapping my tongue upward all the way to her sweet little curly hair above. Her body jerks with each swipe of my tongue and her hips tremble each time the contact is severed. After a few sips of tea and the reward of her juices flowing into my mouth and stoking the fire of my passion...I take a mouthful of ice...and chew it until it dissolves....then slip my mouth over her clit again.

Her reaction is EXPLOSIVE.

Her hips buck like a person being electrocuted...and her moan becomes a scream of pain and pleasure...I sip the tiny bit of water that came from the ice, and let my tongue wash over her clit again...her hips buck and thrust forward and backward...and the ropes stretch against her struggling wrists. She growls like an animal, and says "Oh, GOD FUCK ME PLEASE!!....I'm so cold...."

I kiss and caress her crotch...loving how beautifully manicured it is...then go mad with desire as I drive my cock homeward...thrusting into her again and again...the ropes hold her arms, and I take full advantage of her bondage by slamming into her again and again and again...

Suddenly, her body tenses...and with a whimper, she says "Oh...please, may I come? Please!" I whisper into her ear "Come for me little girl...come HARD for me!"

She goes berserk...thrashing her body and her hips to meet my own thrusts. My body loses all control and I come deep inside her with such force that I am unable to determine when her climax began and when it ended.

I gently undo her silken shackles, pull her blindfold away...look into her eyes and say...

"I love you, my sweet girl." 

The Little Girl Inside

The gentle sunbeams of morning cascade into the windows of your bedroom. You wince, then pull the covers over your head. You do NOT want to get up, and the sun roused you from a very pleasant dream you were enjoying. In your slumber, you were dressed in silken linens, and your body was open to the air as your lover was gently massaging your limbs in such a loving pursuit of your own pleasure that you didn't think it could get any better until your gown was pulled aside, and his two waiting lips planted a gently kiss on your throbbing cli-----

Morning. Bright intruding sun that rouses your eyes and steals your dream from your very core. You groan inwardly at the idea of having to get up and face the day, but you rub your eyes, and force them open to the light of a new dawn. Another day...another damn dollar twenty five.

"Good morning, bright angel." I say. Your eyes flash over to me, a look of wonder on your face. What was I doing here, you ponder. I had to work, and so did you...why would I not be at work already? "Lie back, sweet girl." I say "It's your day off, I say so." You shake your head awake, and walk over to me, your arms cross over my shoulders, and you look deep into my eyes. You search for what this means, and I see your questions just behind those colorful irises. "I called in today myself, and I also informed YOUR boss that you had an injury and would not be making it to work. "An injury?" you protest. "What injury is that supposed to be?" You turn to grab your cell phone from your dresser, and with no warning, a sharp CRACK of my hand is applied to your bottom. You cry out in surprise, then look me in the eyes playfully. I smile, and look at you with playful lust "I'm afraid you have a bruised muscle in your lower rear, and this needs to be looked at more closely." You giggle, and I take you fully into my arms, covering your lips in kisses, and then gently squeezing your bare bottom.

"MY girl..." I say with a look of arousal in my eyes.

"Yes, sir...." you say. Your very center trembles at the idea of being MY girl, and I lead you back over to the bed and lie you back so that your eyes gaze up into my own. I kiss you gently again, and then deeper, my tongue searching your lips, your teeth, your mouth, wanting to devour you in every way possible...and as I pull away, I gently nibble your top lip with my teeth...ah, you are truly MY girl today. Nobody else will share your time, your entire self is mine, and my entire world is yours.

I climb over you, straddling you, our hips meeting and an involuntary dance begins that finds my ever swelling cock sliding against your clit. You gasp, and arch your hips forward in an attempt to take my cock inside you. I move downward to escape your plan, and you groan and whine a tiny bit as you say "Oh, fuuuuckkkk...daaaadddyyyyy....I waaaant it!" I chuckle slightly, moving lower and lower until the aroma of your own sex takes over, and I pull the covers over my head so that my mouth and your clit can have an uninterrupted meeting. Your legs tense as you feel my breath on your pussy, and then the flick of my tongue on your little love bud. Your hands go to my head, and find my smooth scalp that I just shaved last night, clean for my baby. Your hips arch upward, and not missing one beat, I place my hands under your bottom...and suckle your clit into my mouth. A sound like an animal escapes you, and a guttural growl from your very core send my cock into a frantic desire to silence your moans with it's pulsing head.

But not yet...not until the little girl has her orgasm...and has it so fully she will collapse in her my arms. with trembling lips and shaking hands. My mouth travels lower, probing your inside, tasting your sweetness, drinking you in, worshiping the sanctuary of womanhood you have given to me. I slip a finger inside you, locate your internal "hot button", and caress it with a firm touch as my tongue dances down to your bottom, licking gently all around it's puckered opening...seeing your reaction of little kitten like mews and purrs.

You want me...and now you are going to have me...

I move upward again, fast and without warning. At first, you think I will bring you off with my tongue, but instead in one fluid movement my teeth find the nape of your neck and the purple head of my cock finds your lower lips and with a maddening "POP" it breeches your opening and slams homeward with a surge of blood flow that swells the head inside you so large you feel it caress your inner walls. Your eyes lock with mine and you say "FUCK ME, PLEASE!" My lust takes over at those sexually maddening terms of endearment. With a steady 4/4 time I thrust in and out...in...out...in...out...in...out...and with each thrust I make sure your clit is "bumped" by the shaft of my cock. Your eyes begin to flutter, and my own orgasm is nearing...I lean in toward your ear,and whisper "Such a naughty little girl...riding my cock like a lust-driven mad-woman...what shall I do with you today after this behavior has brought me to my breaking point?"

You look up to me, and say with a grin spreading across your face "I'm YOUR naughty girl...and if you want YOUR orgasm, you'll let me fuck you like I want!" The idea brings me to the brink of my own orgasm, and before I slip over the edge, I say firmly "STOP." Your body shivers with it's orgasm, eyes rolling backward, and my hand finds your clit above my cock and rubs it gently back and forth as the waves of your climax rock your body. I smile...my little girl has had her release, and now I can take my time with my own.

I begin moving again, a slower pace this time. Her hands cross over behind my neck, her eyes meet mine with a focused desire for MY orgasm now. "Not too fast, little girl." I warn her with stern eyes. She giggles and slows a tiny bit. Her playful eyes look up at me, and she says with a cooing vocal plea "But Sir, I want...*groan*...want to feel you come INSIDE me!" I smile, and slowly begin moving again, allowing the head of my cock to "pop" in and out of her, rubbing her clit each time. This sensation is too much for me, and I know I will come soon. I feel the mist covering her body beneath mine, and hear her tiny gasps of breath. Her hips buck upward to meet mine, and I feel her kegels gripping the shaft...it feels SO GOOD that if we did not have the understanding we share, I might tell her I WORSHIP HER. (Because in my heart, I do!)

She pumps her hips faster, and I cannot control myself any longer. I don't want to orgasm yet, but she has taken me so far I may not be able to stop. My body WANTS to fill her with my orgasmic rush of semen, and in one last attempt to go for "round three", I hold her tightly to me and say again "STOP, little girl." She halts for a moment, and then her eyes twinkle as a smirk creeps across her face. From below, her kegels muscles begin tensing and relaxing...rhythmically...open...close...squeeze...relax...

I grunt as the heavenly waves of her muscles waves take me to the VERY crest of climax, and then I look deeply into her eyes. In her final act of defiance, she pistons her hips upward, clamping her muscles tightly as she does so...the velvet grip they deliver as they slide up the shaft, burying the head deep inside of her sends me into orbit. I cry her name out so loudly my voice echoes off the ceiling, I slam my cock into her again and again, the bed shaking and the headboard whacking itself against the walls as it's bolts strain for release.

She shivers...and her muscles milk the last drops of come from my swollen cock. I tremble in post-coital bliss, and finally we laugh together...holding each other in a deep embrace. I look into her eyes again, and she bites her bottom lip, guiltily. I stand, and pick her up like a bride crossing the threshold. I walk her over to her favorite chair, and sit her down. I look down at her, then place the tip of my softening cock at her lips. She look upward, as if to say "What? Why?"

"You stole your my orgasm when I was NOT ready little girl, and you know that is not allowed. Sir will come when HE is ready, not when you THINK he ought to be." She looks pouty, and then says "Well, maybe I don't WANT to suck it!"

I place a thumb on her chin, open her mouth gently, and say "You will go DEEPLY down on my cock little girl, and you will bring me FULLY erect and to another mind-shattering orgasm, and I don't care how long it takes." She pouts again "Maybe I won't do it!" she says, and crosses her arms. "Have it your way little girl." I say, and produce a pair of handcuffs from my top dresser drawer. "Snap"-Snap" they went over or wrists, and then I curled her hands around the shaft.

"MY orgasm, young lady...now I WANT IT."