Monday, January 9, 2012

Dream of you...

I am restless in my sleep, and terrible dreams of being alone, lost in a fog, and unable to find warmth of familiar surroundings makes the darkness seem even more terrifying. I toss and turn, crying out helplessly for anyone to hear me. The room is cold, and I can't find enough blankets to cover me. I'm helplessly trapped in a dream I can't wake up from.

In my dream, I finally give up all hope of rescue, and I sit down by a tree to cry. I call out to anyone around me who might hear that I am so alone, so cold, and just need help. My words echo like hollow memories against the utter darkness around me. The dream is so real, that I have no clue what is going on as I lie in bed, or how loud my cries echo through the walls of the bedroom.

In the dream, as I sit against the tree, shivering in loneliness and dispair, a warm feeling wraps around me like a blanket of sunrays curling around my body. The feeling is so wonderful that I tremble in pure bliss at the contact of this heat source. My body relaxes, and the most beautiful woman in the world appears in front of me, her arms circling my body, bringing even more warmth and love to the cold surroundings that are now fading in her light.

She looks into my eyes, stroked my face and says "It's okay, darling...please don't cry."

I don't know from where, but I know her face. It is so familiar I can't bear to remain silent.

"I don't know who you are, but thank you! You saved me from the cold and from the darkness!"

She smiles, and says "It's going to be okay, love...what can I do to make it all better?"

Immediately, the most physically breathtaking image appears in my mind, and it is so intimate in it's imagery, that I blush at the thought of the woman ever finding out my thoughts. She smiles again, and looks into my eyes with an air of understanding I can't comprehend.

"Is that what you want, Sir?" she says.

I am stunned; how cold she know? Can she read my thoughts? I decide to test this theory, and I allow my mind to go deeper into the fantasy...actually visualizing the physical contact. Again, she smiles with a knowing look of love in her eyes.

"You know I will; just ask me and it's yours." she replies with those same loving eyes.

I look into her face with a pleading in my own eyes now, and say the words "Yes, please...give it to me, I'm begging!"

She smiles even bigger now, and where the ragged clothing I was wearing hung on my body minutes earlier, now I am completely naked. The white silken gown she is wearing caresses my body as she leans forward, kissing gently I feel the brush of her eyelashes on my cheek. I wonder at this moment if it is real...and with those final thoughts in my head, I feel her hand curl around the base of my cock, and her lips slip over the head...

I cry out "Oh, GOD I LOVE YOU! Please...please DON'T STOP!!"

The surroundings fade, and the sensations grow stronger...her hands and her scent fill my senses, and the perfect pressure of her lips is SO POWERFUL that my back arches upward in animal desire to attain more contact. Her hand now circles the shaft with each upward and downward stroke. I reach between her legs, and feel her wetness dripping from her pussy in response to MY OWN arousal.

I am now FULLY awake, and the bedroom is bathed in a low white light. The lips that still provide perfect suction on my cockhead now pull away with a "POP" of suction, and my angel crawls over me in bed. She is dressed in a silken white gown, as in the dream, underneath are the most erotic pair of black panties and bra I could ever imagine, and she is even more beautiful in person than in the throes of slumber.

I know the face.

It's you.

The one I love most of all.

The one I dream of every night!

And straddling my body, your pussy finds the head of my cock, crowns it perfectly, and you lean in close to my ear and whisper:

"I love you."

And your hips thrust downward, taking my entire cock to the hilt...

And then I wake up...and you are not there.


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