Monday, January 9, 2012


I'm walking through town, and I stop at a coffee shop. I sit down and peruse the blackboard full of a million different ways to serve Folgers, and finally decide on a caramel espresso. The barista nudges a waitress near her and motions her to my table. Grabbing her pen and order pad, the waitress topples over a stack of plastic cups and apologizes to everybody in her wake. As she walks toward me, I notice she must be at least eight months along, and her blue eyes have faded into a state of utter exhaustion. I see her shift her feet in her black slip-proof shoes, and know they must ache like crazy. I don't pity her, she is working very hard, and if anything I admire her for all she is being both to her and her family.

"Hi, what can I get for you?" she smiles as best she can...a canned expression she must dread giving every idiot who wants a refill. She can't be more than twenty, but then again, maybe she is older and just has a glow about her that transcends her mundane job. I smile and tell her my request, and she suddenly stifles a sharp back pain that sends her arm back to brace her spine. I must look worried, because she laughs it off and says "Wow, that was awkward...I'm good, so is that all for you?" She grins again, this time a real smile. I say yes, and she walks away. I watch as she makes her way to the counter, and see that her cute little bottom balances out perfectly with her round tummy. What a lucky husband she must have.

She comes back, coffee in hand, and asks if there is anything else. I say no, and she says she is going on her break. I smile and ask if she would like something from the menu, that I'd be happy to buy her lunch. "Oh no..." she says. "Couldn't do that...I'd get in trouble for letting a customer buy my food." I smile, and slide ten dollars under my napkin...motioning to her. "Can I get another napkin?" She grins and says "Of course!" and she walks to the counter. She brings me back a napkin, along with her own plate of lunch she begins to nibble on.

I make polite conversation for a minute, and find out that she is working her way through school. Her freshman year she met the man of her dreams, and he left her with a baby on the way and not much else. He wanted to make her fight for every dollar she received, and so in the end, she agreed to leave him alone if he surrendered parental rights. He'd told her "fuck off, ain't MY kid" and left. Now she was on her own. She stirred her coffee nervously...and looked up at me. "The nights are the hardest." she says "I'm alone, and let's face it, nobody wants to seduce the "baby factory". She rubs her tummy thoughtfully, and stares into my eyes. Her blue irises sparkle and dance. "I'm rambling, I'm so sorry!" I assure her that I'm loving her company, and that maybe after work she might like a home-cooked meal. She stares at me for a moment, analyzing me....then a smile creeps over her face. "That would be...amazing, actually." I ask what she'd like to eat, and she says "Anything but cardboard pizza!"

That evening, my doorbell rings, and she walks in, a bag of "emergency stuff" in hand she calls it. She smells the air and looks as if she might faint "Is that...real food I smell?!" I show her the oven contains chicken parmigian, and she shivers with that same glow I saw before at the cafe. I ask if I can take her bags, and she says "Can I just sit for a while?" I lead her to the couch, prop her feet up, remove her shoes and socks, and look into her eyes again. Without thinking, I take one of her feet into my hands...and begin massaging her ankle...her little toes splay open, and she lets out an " good...thank you." I look in her eyes again, worrying I might have overstepped. My mouth opens, but no words come out...I finally manage a " mean, you are so beautiful right now and...I...wish...well, um....would you let me...?" A tear forms in her eye as she says "Oh yes, please....please!" her eyes plead with me. I take her leg in my hand and massage her calf up to her knee, her hips move forward as she snuggles down into the sofa. Her little round tummy is suddenly SO enticing to me, and I ask her "How...long...has it been...since?" She blurts out before I can finish "Seven months...(another tear) FUCKING months!"

I look into her eyes again, not wanting to do anything to hurt her. "I want to give you everything your body has been wanting...and I will be SO GENTLE with you...would you like me to...give you an orgasm?" I ask timidly. Once again she stares deep into my eyes and says "Oh would you, please? I would...I mean...I...want...oh, God....." I brush her hair away from her forehead, brush my lips against hers, then feel her hand touch my cheek as she leans upward to press her lips to mine. Her mouth is soft, and her tongue is searching me intimately and fully....with an urgency that I share more with each pass of hers against mine.

I stand, and walk over to turn the oven off. I return, and she has unbuttoned her blouse...a finger tracing one nipple. "What would you like, sweetheart?" I say with my own breath caught in my chest. "Everything...and anything...just please don't change your mind right now...I'm so turned on my back is aching, and I need to come so bad...please, please sir?"

The "sir" reference send me over the edge and I lean over her and cup one breast in my hand. Her frame is small, but her breast is as round as a ripe orange. I slip my mouth over the nipple, and gently suckle. Her head goes backward, and a long sigh escapes her...I focus on her breast more intently, taking it in deeper, "swallowing" her nipple and then pull back to swirl my tongue around it. I smell her heat from below, and taste the first trickle of breast milk leaking from her. I'm almost insane with desire now, but don't want to hurt her....I taste her other nipple as well, then trace my tongue down to her tummy...running over her distended belly button...and then down lower...her panties gently removed by my teeth, and then ,my lips envelop her clit with a gentle "suck".

Her back arches fully upward "Oh...GOD!!!" she screams...and I have to grind my cock into the sofa cushion to keep from orgasming from her own taste and pleasure. I linger on it...placing my hands under her lower back to support her delicate frame, and continue to lick her clit and probe her pussy with my tongue.

She looks into my eyes again and says "Oh god...please...just take me...I can't get pregnant or anything, you know..." and with those words I feel my cock "jerk" of it's own accord. I lower my pants and boxers, and my cock stands at it's full length. She leans upward, taking it in her hand and exploring it. My cock is only 6 and 1/2 inches long, but the head is so large compared to the shaft that when I make love, the head literally "pops" in and out of the woman...maddeningly sensitive on my end, but I have no idea how that feels for the woman. 

She looks up at me and smiles again, biting her bottom lip and letting her tongue wet her lips. She kissed the reverently, and then moved forward and slid her warm lips around it. I felt I was going to lose my MIND from the feeling of her tongue sliding under the ridge of my cockhead. Like pulses of wild electricity shooting upward and outward. I knew I would not last...I told her "No, I'm going to come...please...I'm going to come in your mouth..oh, God...." she popped the head out and said "NO! I want you to come INSIDE ME...please!!" She lied back and let her legs lie against my shoulders...her back arched again...and she said "Oh god...please...I need to come...please...I want you to come inside me!" I moved forward and the head of my cock slipped into her. The sensation was INDESCRIBABLE. I moved back and forth, and her hips rocked against mine in unison...she cried out...."oh, god...don't pull the head out...please.,..leave it in...oh, GOD!!" I moved with more intensity now...feeling my orgasm approaching. Her hips rocked forward and back, her muscles gripping my cock so hard I can feel them sliding up and down the shaft, trapping the head in their velvet prison.

Her back arches again, and her neck jerks backward "Fuck...FUCK...FUCK!!! Oh God...Oh...GOD!!!" her orgasm seizes me as well, and my cock explodes inside her beautiful body....*spurt...spurt...spurt...spurt...spurt*...each spasm rocks my body until finally I literally FORCE the last spurt of my orgasm into her. I lie there, trembling...and her arms wrap around me...she kisses me again and says with a nervous and happy laugh..."Oh was...thank you...thank you! THANK YOU! Oh, God..."

She gets a sheepish grin on her face, and she whispers in my ear "um...Can we have dinner now, Sir?" My entire body trembles again, wondering how on earth I got so lucky as to be GIVEN her orgasm...

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