Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Extra Credit

A knock on my door startles me, and after saying "come in, please" I see the timid beautiful eyes of a student in my first hour class. I've watched this one before. She tries very hard, and I know she is capable of much better grades, but when with good looks comes more distraction, and this young lady is so beautiful I have even caught myself stealing wayward glances.

"Professor, I'm sorry to bother you. I just need some advice." she says.

I remember her name now, Megan. Her blonde hair seems to float weightlessly on her shoulders, and her eyes are so curious and bright that they seem to dance when she smiles. Her voice is so lovely, like a little girl trying to sound so grown-up. She's seen so much, and has so much more to see.

"Yes, Megan...anything I can do. Go for it."

"Really Sir?" she says "Well, yeah, I guess I should just go for it sir...just ask straight out, right?"

I'm confused now "Megan, what can I do for you?"

Her breathing is quickened, and she looks like a child about to give her first public speech.

"I need...(breathing)....to discus...(breathing)...my grades, sir." she pants loudly, as if her courage was just spent. "I'm concerned that I won't make an A this quarter, and that HAS to happen. I'll lose my scholarship."

I lean forward on my desk, and lower my hands, twirling a pencil. "Megan, you just have to apply yourself more. You are smart, and you have the ability, you just need to focus."

"If I do as you suggest, sir...and FOCUS, is an "A" possible?" she asks

I glance over my records, and run an average based on perfect scores from this point forward. I look back at her, and clear my throat "Megan, even if you ace everything from now until the end of the quarter, the best you can hope for is a B. You would be 3 points short of an A, I'm afraid. I'm sorry."

She looks nervous, and bites her bottom lip. She collapses in the chair across from me. Her head goes back, and she sighs loudly "Oh shit...this isn't happening...oh, god." She continues to ramble, but my eyes have drifted from my papers in front of me, and now are fully focused on the short skirt she is wearing, and how her legs have fallen limp, and the little black lace panties that cover her crotch. My mind goes astray, imagining what that little pussy would look like...carefully manicured, rosy pink lips, a little red clit that needed to be suckled by MY mouth until her legs clamped over my head and her climax shot through her bod....

"Mr Allen?!"

I am jolted form my fantasy...and see her eyes locked onto mine...first shock, then a slight grin as she crossed her legs.

"Megan! I'm sorry...I was thinking...I mean, I wasn't thinking...I was lost there...for a moment....I just..." I stammered.

"Mr Allen....please, don't be sorry. " She laughed nervously. "You're a man...and I'm just a girl...and we have to agree that these things just happen, right?"

I have no words...I'm lost in her eyes...

"And sir.." she uncrosses her legs "Is THIS what you were wanting to see?" she spreads her legs a little, hikes her skirt up, and leans back to let my eyes roam over her crotch area.

My own breath is gone. I am speechless and terrified...but yet becoming so aroused I can't hide, save for the desk in front of me.

Her fingers go to her crotch, slip under her panties, and she rubs her clit area...her eyes close...and then she brings her fingers back to her mouth, tasting them.

I groan...and her eyes meet mine again..a bigger smile now..she has me, and she knows it.

She stands, and walks toward my desk. Reaches under her skirt, removes her panties, and walks to me, tucking her panties in my right shirt pocket.

"For later...for you" she says.

She sits on my desk, her legs facing me, and she scoots back as pencils and papers fall to the floor. Her chuck taylors rest on my knees. Her hands go to her crotch again, rubbing, then she lets them linger under my nose. Her smell is hot, sweet, and so warm I find it impossible to not close my eyes and revel in it. Her fingers touch my lips, and I lick them gently...her taste is SO GOOD. I need her...want her..must HAVE her.

She rocks back on the desk, legs spread, her converse sneakered feet now fall across my shoulders as her legs part. I see her pussy, so beautiful and perfect...glistening slightly...my mind is telling me "NO! You can't do this!"

But her hands slide around the back of my neck, and she says in a whisper:

"I'm yours, sir...taste me, please..."

I lose all rational thought as those words grant me entrance to her lovely young pussy lips. I lean forward, her legs close over my head, and my lips cover her clit as my tongue flicks back and forth across it...her hands grip my head, and her hips grind forward. I am granted NO AIR, but the fragrance of her desire is like the PURE oxygen I so desperately need. I lick from her clit, down to her opening, lapping up any juices her body grants me...ravenously enjoying each taste. I cup her hips and bottom in my hands, and insert one finger in her pussy, wiggling it across her inner "joy button" all the while, my pursuit of her orgasm continues. I feel her legs closing tightly around my head,a nd her hips bucking. I stop the back and forth and focus FULLY on her clit now...not letting up on it...licking it faster and faster...tasting her wetness with each pass. Her breathing comes in choppy gasps...and her next words ring so loudly I fear the ceiling may collapse:

"Oh...Mr....Allen....I'm...I'm...oh God...I'm going to...co..come....oh GOD!!"

Her legs ratchet inward, locking my head in their grip. Her second spasm rewards me with a gentle rush of the sweetest, most erotic juices I have ever enjoyed...the most perfect wine of HER orgasm, given to me. I drink all of it...licking her insides clean..and allowing my tongue to BEG for more.

Her legs relax, and her body falls limp. I reach down to help her to sit up, and her body trembles like mad. She nervously plays with my tie...and looks into my eyes.

"Oh, God...sir...thank you...thank you...I was going to try to use this to get a better grade, but I didn't know you would make me come THAT hard sir...oh, God...I owe you TWICE now!" Her hands are still trembling.

I step away from the desk, and she stands in front of me, legs wobbling. She looks into my eyes, and says "Mr. Allen...can I kiss you? Please?" My legs go weak, and I pull her to me, our lips joining and her mouth parting as my tongue finds hers and we explore each other's mouths. Her kiss is electric, and her hips now find mine as she grips my waist and back. My cock feels the contact, and as if it weren't already so hard it ached, it swelled against her. Her hips responded by pressing forward, and and then her legs buckled again.

"I need to sit, Sir...please?" she asked.

I walked her over to the chair near the wall, and she sat down...her hand tracing the bulge in my pants...and then the tiniest giggle escaped her lips.

"Mr. Allen...I'm sorry...did...I...do this to you?"

I was so turned on I lost all inhibitions.

"Indeed you did, Ms. Megan...and I expect you to finish what you start."

Her eyes looked up to mine, a smile, and she unzips my slacks and finds my throbbing cock inside. She pulls it out, and the head is so large and hard that it is a dark pink in color, and pulsing with my heartbeat.

"Oh sir...please let me taste YOU now..."

And she smiled as her lips slipped over the head.

The initial contact was SO intense I groaned her name out loudly "Megan!!! Oh, GOD....so GOOD...oh, SO good....your tongue...oh your tongue...so damn good...FUCK!!!'

Her tongue danced across the underside of my cock, tasting it, suckling it like a lollipop. I feel my come rising inside me...my cock begins to pulse madly, and as if she senses what is about to happen, her hand goes to my balls and squeezes...so gently. My mind is in a euphoric state of delirium, and my last sane thought is that I don't want to NOT warn her.

"Megan...I'm going to...come SO HARD, Megan!"

Her left hand squeezes my balls again gently, her right index finger and thumb form a hard "O" around the base of the shaft, and her mouth swallows my cock to the hilt. I lose my mind as my orgasm surges through me, the spasms are so intense I cry out her name again...as one spurt after another shoots into her mouth. Again and again she swallows, and when I think I have no come left to give, she squeezes my balls one last time, and I feel one tiny spurt ooze out as she swallows my final offering.

She stands in front of me, and I kiss her again, tasting myself on her and wanting NOTHING more than to fuck her now...but my body is so weak I can hardly stand.

She pulls away, looks at me, and says with a twinkle in her eye...

"Every day sir..."

"Every day."

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