Monday, January 9, 2012


I walk into the living room where you sit on the couch waiting for me. It's winter, and a fire is roaring in the fireplace. Cinnamon is in the air, and you look so beautiful in the firelight I have to stifle my tears from wondering how on earth I wound up with someone as lovely as you are tonight.

I walk over, and sit next to you, my arms hold you, and I gently kiss your lips, running my tongue over them teasingly, and then trace your teeth with the urgency of a man wanting to taste you from deep within. Your mouth opens to me, and our tongues join in a sensuous dance of desire and lust. I feel my arousal taking over, and I pull away for a moment to slow myself down.

I sit at your feet for a moment, gently massaging them from your little toes all the way to your ankles. I kiss your feet playfully, and take your legs into my hands as I massage them from calf to seems selfless, but I am just as aroused by this as you are relaxed...I feel your soft skin (and few hints of missed stubble) under my hands, and my desire for you grows until I am holding back an invisible dam of passion. In order to curtail this, I lean forward and lie my head in your lap, feeling your hand stroking my ears and saying "Love you, are so good to me."

Then I feel your hips hitch a little toward my resting head, and a tiny moan escapes you. I look up at your eyes, and you thrust your hips gently toward me "Oh, please..." you say "Just take me..." and your hands guide my lips down to your crotch. I smell your wetness, sweet and heady, and so damn erotic to taste...I slip my tongue inside you, then let it trace your lips up and down, making gentle passes by your clit, but not concentrating on it yet. I massage your inner thighs, and lick your opening all the way down to your bottom, teasing your anus with my tongue before diving back into your waiting pussy again. You begin breathing harder, pressing my head into your crotch, calling my name...saying "Oh, my clit...please...suck on my clit please DAMMIT!!" I slip my lips over it, drawing the little "bud" into my mouth and suckling on it like it is the most wonderful thing I have ever tasted. Your body responds by almost flipping backward and you begin jerking violently...I feel your legs close over my head, there is a sudden stiffening of your entire body, a whiff of heady perfume, and then a delicious trickle of your own wine to my lips and waiting tongue...I cherish the taste, trying to coax even more out. I lick your clit full-on this time, and you push my head away with your legs trembling " more..please...I can't handle another...yet...oh, God"

I stand, and lift your body to it's feet. A song begins playing on the stereo, slow and gentle...and I take your hands in mine and offer you a slow dance. We move slowly, your teeth nibbling my ear and licking the side of my neck. I feel my cock jerk and swell in my pants under the guidance of your teasing mouth above, and you lean back and stare into my eyes..."My turn to enjoy...." you say and I watch as you kneel in front of me. I close my eyes, and you release my cock from it's bondage. The head springs out to meet your gaze, and it jerks with a spasm that reveals a tiny drop of precum...your mouth slides over the head...and I slip into an alternate universe of sheer electricity that shimmers all over my body. Your mouth bounces up, and down...up, and down...up, and down...the head of my cock swells under your tongue's maddening dance, and I feel my body start to slip over the edge...

With my last bit of control, I cry out "Oh, God...I'm going to come SO HARD baby..."

Your speed increases, and then my cock tenses and as you focus your full energy on just the ridge below the head, I groan...and I feel the first shot spurt into your mouth...  

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