Monday, January 9, 2012

Little Girl...

The drive home is mundane and long, but the tedium of the day is worth it. Today is Wednesday, and every Wednesday, she will be waiting when I walk in the door. My little girl. The most beautiful little angel I know, and she is waiting for ME. Sundays are the Lord's Day. Mondays are too stressful. Tuesdays she has her evening to practice her music and her dance. Wednesdays are for Sir to enjoy his little girl in the special way HE desires, and she knows that he expects her to be READY when He walks in the door.

I pull into the driveway, and see her face in the window for one half a second before the curtains dance themselves closed. I know what she is doing inside, and I walk calmly yet excitedly, in anticipation of what this evening always holds. I rattle the keys int he door, and I step inside and close the door behind me. She is standing in the living room with her hands folded neatly in front of her, a little pink and blue sundress that hits just above the knee, pigtails in her hair, and my words to her sound the beginning of HER gift to ME.

"I'm ready, little girl."

She races over to me, hands flying for my belt. Yes Sir!" she says with frantic devotion in her voice. My pants fall to the floor, boxers are jerked down by her eager hands, and my already stiffening cock is then SWALLOWED by her pouting lips. She slides her lips up and down over the head, and my body trembles with it's first sustained contact. I step out of my pants and boxers, and she takes them in her hands and deftly tosses them into the hamper eight feet away--never once losing her lips' contact with the head of my cock. She takes my hips in her hands, and leads me over to my chair in the living room, her head still bobbing up and down on my cock. I sit, and her frantic sucking now slows to a loving spiral ov her hands and mouth. My orgasm is building deep within me, and she senses the head pulsing under her tongue. She gives me a "longing" look in her eyes, and makes a little "whimper" like a child begging for her dessert. Her hands and mouth become more eager now, and I look into her eyes and say with a gentle loving voice... 

"I love my girl...."

She groans at this expression of love, and the vibrations from her vocal chords send tingles all the way to the base of my cock. Her mouth spirals up and down on the head, her right hand spiral s the opposite direction on the shaft, and her left hand gently squeezes my balls. She gives me one more pleading look, and then whimpers one last time as her left hand squeezes my balls. The sensations sweeps over me like a wildfire, and I groan loudly as the first spurt explodes into her mouth.

"Oh, dear GOD!!! Oh God...Oh...God!!! Coming SO HARD little girl! I love my much!!"

Her tongue sweeps back and forth over the head, and each spurt hits her tongue before being swallowed eagerly by MY LITTLE GIRL. My orgasm subsides, and I cradle her head in my hands...and her mouth never leaves the head of my cock.

We have an understanding. Wednesdays, she is MY LITTLE GIRL, and I expect my little girl to suck my cock ALL NIGHT LONG...never removing her mouth from the head. She is allowed bathroom breaks and she may speak as long as her head remains in my lap. Her goal is to DESIRE my orgasm ONLY, and MY goal is to GIVE her MY ORGASM as many times as I can. If she pulls away, she knows what the consequences will be. (And before the night is over, she will certainly test those waters.)

Her head lies in my lap as she tells about her day, and I gently stroke her hair. She playfully teases the shaft with her fingertips, and leans over and kisses the head again and again. My cock stiffens again, and her lips are slipped over the head before I can even come to full erection. She moves slower now, her head twisting and turning on the shaft. Her mouth goes from base to tip, her tongue dancing up and down the underside of the shaft. One hand goes under my bottom and teases my rear opening, and then finds the ultra sensitive area between my asshole and my balls...and massages gently. I feel my orgasm building again, and she senses it as well...she goes faster, now using her mouth and curled fingers as an orgasmic "sheath" for my cock. Up and down...up and hands grab her pigtails, and I stand....she opens her throat up, ready for my next movements. I begin to full-force fuck her mouth, the head of my cock driving into her throat. I feel my orgasm churning up ward from deep within me, and her hands grab my hips as she EVEN NOW assists my need to fuck her mouth...

(She is MINE...)

My orgasm cannot be stopped now....I feel the room spinning...her mouth is slamming up and down over the shaft of my cock...I feel my balls contract...and when the first spasm hits, I grab her head and thrust DEEP into her mouth, her lips taking me to the very hilt...and one spasm after another sends spurt after spurt of my come down her throat. My legs get weak, and as the last spasm hits, I lose my balance, and slowly fall back into my chair.

Her mouth never leaves the head of my cock.

I lie there breathless, and she pulls away and lies her head in my lap again. I tell her how much I love her, and she giggles and says "I love you more." The words make my cock jump in her hand, and she looks up at me and grins. She says "Sir, I think I am done now. I'm going to go read a book. You can get yourself off next time."

I sit bold upright, and let my eyes bore into hers. She gasps, and says "Is this a problem, Sir?"

I stand, and lead her over to the corner she knows quite well. I let her stand there for a moment, and reaffirm our agreement. I say to her "Tell me what happens on Wednesdays." A sly smile escapes her lips, and she says in a mocking tone "Sir obviously is getting old, since he can't remember!"

With that, I take her hand and lead her over the chair we refer to as her "spanking chair". She stamps her foot "I don't need a spanking! I know what good little girls do!" I sit, and lie her across my lap, her bottom exposed, and deliver the first "CRACK" of my hand across her bottom She cries out "Oh, please...NO!" I deliver another swat, and another...her bottom goes from light pink to rose red, and her body trembles with each swat. Finally, she says "Oh, dear GOD please no more! I will tell you what happens on Wednesdays!"

I sit her up, and let her stand in front of me again, her hands clasped in front of her. She clears her throat and says "Tuesdays I get to go out with my friends, Thursdays I get my Sir's FULL attention to my clit. Wednesdays I suck Sir's cock from the moment he walks in the door until He says I am done! No stopping and no walking away!"

"Thank you, little girl." I say. Now, shall we continue?

She falls to her knees again, and begins kissing the head of my cock. She looks up at me, and says with a coy little grin "I just needed a reminder, I a good girl for remembering what you like?" I moan a little as her hand begins stroking the shaft gently, and she stares up at my eyes and says "Thank you, sir."

She then begins sucking the head in her mouth and letting it "pop" out again and again. The sensation is overwhelming, and I groan "Oh, God yes...please...good girl....Oh, I love you!"

She giggles, and that is when I notice the first thing that distracts me from her mouth. She is wearing sandals, and her cute little toes are peeking out. She has given herself a pedicure today, and her toenails are painted coral pink to match her dress. I gaze at her feet, and she sees me noticing them.

"Does Sir like my cute little toes?" she says.

I smile, and tell her how beautiful they are. She leans back, and places her feet in my lap.

"Does Sir want a closer look?" she says, and she wiggles the sandals off her feet. I hold one foot in my hand, and feel how soft the soles of her feet are, and how cute her toes splay outward to show off her nails. I rub her feet gently, and she sighs with contentment. I lie her feet in my lap, and she lets one toe run from my thigh to the base of my cock, then up to the sensitive spot under the head. I tremble all over, and she smiles. She looks deep into my eyes, and says with so much lust I can't help but feel my cock jerk underneath the soles of her feet:

"When you are at work, sometimes I get off thinking about Wednesdays and Thursdays...and when I come, my toes curl so far that my legs buck upward and I come SO I want to feel your cock explode with my toes curled around it....please, Sir?"

Her feet begin slowly sliding up and down the shaft, and my head goes back and I begin pleading with her "Oh, little girl...need to come SO BAD...please make me come...please!" Her feet massage the shaft up and down....up and down....and my orgasm builds deep within my body. I feel my body tense, and her toes work their magic on the head of my cock. My orgasm is closer...and closer....and her feet now pump up and down across the shaft...the rush sweep over me, and I grab her feet and thrust my cock hard against her, as those "cute little toes" now curl around MY COCK. I spurt six, eight, ten times...and her feet gently work the come into their own purpose of lubrication for her toes to draw even MORE sensation from my cock.

I pant...and gasp....and beg for her to stop....but her feet keep working up and down, up and down on the sensitive head...and when my orgasm finally ends, she leans up and lies her head in my lap again. I stroke her hair, and she smiles as she says:

"Tomorrow is MY day..." 

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