Monday, January 9, 2012

For my enjoyment...

You push your way into your apartment after a long day at work and school. The day has been one long stressful event and you just want to relax. You draw a bath, light some scented candles, turn on some soft music, and prepare to unwind for the day.

That's when you remember the text you received from me this morning.

"Tonight, when you get home, I will be in the house watching you, but I won't tell you where I am. Sit in my chair in the living room, strip naked, caress your body all over, finger your pussy and rub your clit, and come for me while I watch."

You shiver all over, look to your left and right, and smile as a nervous sigh escapes you. Shoes come off, bare feet caress the carpet, and then you peel off one item after another. Your shirt is unbuttoned slowly, and when you pull it off, your PERFECT breasts hang heavily inside your pink lace bra. Your hands hands fly to the hooks behind you, and in three quick snaps your breasts fall free from their prison, the air around you making your nipples hard and alert. Your slip off your pants, and kick them to the side, legs so beautiful I have to force myself to stay hidden to keep from running to you so you can wrap them around my waist. You breathe deeply, sit down in the chair, and let the boxers I gave you slip down to your ankles.

Your hands trace your tummy, fingertips trailing upward to your breast, cupping them gently with your hands while thumbs and forefingers gently twist your nipples. You breathing is heavier, and your head lies back as your eyes flutter. While your left hand continues with nipple stimulation, your right hand goes to your mouth, and your gently suck your index and middle fingers...wetting them thoroughly. Your hand then travels down to your crotch, and the initial contact with your clit is SO powerful your eyes roll backward and your neck goes limp as your head leans back. A tiny moan comes from you "Ooooohhhhh..."

Your arousal is greater than I imagined, as your fingers begin rubbing your clit like MAD. After less than one minute, your first orgasm hits, and your entire body shakes violently and you cry out "Oh! Oh! Fuck...FUUUCKKK!!! Oh, god..." then your legs relax, and you slow your movements against your clit to a gently sweeping motion.

Your head rolls to the side, and you smile. "May I have another, sir?" you ask gently. I don't answer. You laugh, and say "If you object sir, say so." Now I smile, and remain silent.

Your hand now goes to your pussy again, and your two fingers enter your opening. Your other hand now goes to your clit, and a dance begins between your thrusting fingers and your bucking hips. You look like a sweat-sheened sexual goddess, writhing and moaning under your own fingers' stimulation. It takes longer this time, and you have to take little breaks now and then to catch your breath. From my vantage point, I can not only see your arousal, but smell the heat of your sex in the air. I long for it...DESIRE it...want to TASTE your clit and juices on my own tongue, and as if you knew what I was thinking, you pause to move your hand to your mouth, licking your fingertips...savoring your own lust.

I growl inwardly as a selfish thought enters my head "I want that taste of your's MINE...not YOURS! Give it to me!!" I close my eyes to hold my desires back, then open them again to see your next move. My vision is now treated to your hips and back arching upward so far I fear the chair may topple. You are grunting and panting...tiny little noises trip outward from your lips as you have begun "tapping" your clit with anxious are trying to delay your orgasm, but it isn't working. You are too close to the edge stop would be unbearable.

You can't stop.

Your body won't let you.

Fingers are flying both inside and outside your pussy...your back arches and relaxes like a bucking bronco as one wave after another hits you...your plateau is reached...and with one final jolt of your hips you climax with the intensity of a woman driven mad--posessed with a demon only orgasm can release...then as quickly as you began, you fall breathless to the chair...panting. I see your legs twitch from excess nerve activity, and a tiny little sentence falls from your lips...three words so musical in quality and sweet in taste that I can hardly bear the joy I possess in having you as my little sex-slave:

"For you, Sir..." 

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