Monday, January 9, 2012

Her Voice...

My dream is beautiful, I am swimming in the warmest ocean I have ever felt, and the sun is on my back as I surface. I walk to the sandbar, and there you stand, you run to me, your arms wrap around me, and we hold each other close. You whisper in my ear "Hold that pose..." and you drop to your knees. Your gentle hands caress my cock, then your mouth...

I awaken, and discover that the dream was not entirely illusion. I am blindfolded, and my legs and wrists are tied to the four bedposts, firmly. My cock is at full attention, and your lips are exploring every inch of it. Kissing the head reverently, licking the shaft from top to bottom, flicking your tongue gingerly across the spot right below the head. Every few seconds or so, your pop the head in your mouth, sucking gently...and my back arches each time this occurs, searching for deeper contact.

I want to demand an explanation for this. I want to cry out to you "Young lady, this is NOT our agreement. We NEVER swap roles, ever!" but my cock is being FULLY ATTENDED TO at the moment, and my words and thoughts fade into nothing. You feel my cock swell each time your mouth covers it, and you taste the hints of precum that seep out with each suckle of your mouth and tongue. You are teasing me, quite adeptly I might add, and each plunge of your mouth down the shaft makes my self control obliterate into the lustful need for orgasm.

You whisper is barely audible "Come for me, little boy."

If I were not so nearing my orgasm, that would have broken my threshold and ended in you being reprimanded and spanked until you screamed. But your mouth is DETERMINED to have my climax, and I feel the tension inside me coiling up like a bowstring. You focus FULLY on the head now, using your hand and mouth as a blissfully wonderful "sheath" for my cock. The need for release is now beyond my ability to control. Your mouth plunges downward again and again, my hips thrusting upward to meet your rhythm. My spine tingles, and your free hand cups by balls gently. You give one final squeeze to them, and my orgasm surges through me like a fire raging across a sheet of parchment. I feel my pelvic muscles contract, and I close my eyes as the first spurt explodes into your mouth. 

The first spasm is so intense my jaws clench tightly, and a low, gutteral growl escapes from my lips as one spasm after another shakes my body like waves crashing on the sand. Normally, when this occurs, you take me to the hilt, letting me shoot down your throat, but this time you are focusing intently on the head, sweeping your tongue across that ONE--MADDENING--SPOT each time my cock jerks, and the sensation is so overwhelming that I make noises like an wild animal in chains. The spasms continue to rock my body, until finally with trembling lips I fall to the bed, completely spent and unable to move.

I know what will happen next, (you have been trained well) will go to the sink, like a good little subby, wet a cloth with warm water, and bring it back to wrap around my cock. But that is NOT what happens. Instead, I feel you shifting on the bed, and I sense your knees being placed on either side of my head. Your body lowers, and I inhale the scent of your arousal. Your pussy is so wet that the aroma of your sex fills the air, and suddenly I notice something strange as your crotch brushed my lips. The scent is not familiar. Yours is sweet, with just a hint of estrogen-filled spice...this scent is JUST as intoxicating, but completely new, and unless you were capable of growing a full patch of pubic hair overnight, this is NOT you above me...this is...another person!!

"Who are you?!" I demand. Tell me who you are!!

You do not reply, and your pussy now hovers just inches above my mouth.

"Would you like to taste me?" you purr.

My mind is reeling. I have no idea what is going on. Is this a game? Am I being recorded? Am I being "raped"? What the fuck is this?!

"I want to know why you are doing this!" I demand.

"Mmmm...." you reply. "You want to taste me, don't you."

I tremble as your aroma drifts down to me, and from a place I don't understand come the words "Yes, please."

"That's a good boy." you giggle. And your pussy covers my mouth.

I greedily lick and devour this new taste being given to me, and you unmercifully grind your pussy into my face. I lick your clit with such determination that you are immediately shuddering through the first waves of your climax. Your scent fills the air again, deeper this time, and I once again attempt to reason with you.

"But, who are you? I don't know why this is happ--"

You lean forward and swallow my cock again, and begin sucking furiously on the post-orgasmic hypersensitive head.

I scream like a child "NO! PLEASE GOD .......NO!! .....OH FUCK NO!!!!....."

You ignore my pleading, sucking like mad on the head, and my body betrays me as my cock begins to stiffen again, The soft underside of your tongue pillows gently against the underside of the head now, you slow down a bit, and my mind goes into a euphoric state of confusion between the buzzing of my cockhead, the smell of your sex, and the uncertainty of what the hell is going on.

You pull away for a moment. "How do I taste, little boy?" you say. Your voice is familiar. I know it, but can't place it. I don't know how to respond except with honesty.

"You...taste...wonderful. Pungent, tart, and yet sweet all at once. Who are you? Please tell me."

"No, no, no..." you reply. "The game is not over yet." You change position again, now straddling me. Your lips descend onto mine and we kiss with such passion that the very taste of your mouth and movements of your tongue over mine make my neck and spine tingle with desire. I feel your pussy teasing the head of my cock. Your lower yourself slowly, your muscles gripping the head and then as it "pops" inside you, you groan in blissful passion and I feel your kegels grip the shaft like mad.

You whisper to me "I've been practicing my workout. My muscles are quite strong. I'm going to show you what they can do." and with that, your mouth covers mine again, and your hips begin an exotic upward and downward dance that sends my mind into a blur of seeing stars and hearing the thudding of my own heartbeat. Up and down you ride me, and I feel your muscles clamp down with each upward stroke and again with each downward thrust. My cock is in blissful torment, I feel the come building in my balls, and just as I think I might slip over the edge, you halt all movement and wait a full 30 seconds before moving again.

This continues for what seems like 15 minutes or more. My cock is so hard that my balls are aching. I need to come so badly that I want to beg for it, but I will not give you the satisfaction. I decide to disguise my climax, and as I feel it building once more I lie as still as possible, I am almost at the point of no return when you cease all movement again.

I cry out "OH, GOD PLEASE!"

You giggle, and say "Only because you asked sweetly."

You go into a full force fucking now...hard and fast....hips thrusting and pumping my cock, no signs of teasing left. I arch my back, and I let out a cry so loud it shaked the walls as I feel the first spurt explode inside you.

"Oh God YES!" you cry out "I feel you coming...feel it shooting into me! Oh, God yes!!"

I deliver each spurt into you, perhaps ten or more, and even after my orgasm subsides, you still pump your hips up and down on my cock...draining me of anything remaining. You collapse onto me, pressing my cock deep inside you, and your muscles grip me again and again for the next few minutes, until my being utterly spent makes my cock too weak to sustain penetration.

You slip off my body, kissing me gently on the lips and one last reverent kiss of my cock. I hear you getting dressed, and your voice echoes in my ears "Thank you so much, little boy. I have been needing that for so long. You were JUST what I needed." I feel you hand run across my inner thigh, and then you say "I've loosened one of the ropes on your hands just enough to enable your escape within a few minutes. Forgive my...intrusion." and you leave as your footsteps fade away and the front door closes. I frantically jerk at my ropes, I hear your car start and drive away, and after several more minutes of struggle, my right hand breaks free. I remove my bindings, and am just about to lose my mind when I hear the phone ring.

And on the other end I hear the voice of ther person I was expecting to begin love.

"Hi sweetie, are you up?"

I am afraid of what is going on here, so I play dumb for a moment.

"Umm, yeah! I need to get a shower!"

"Good, we're going out tonight, remember? Oh, and did you get a call from a friend of mine named Jane?"

"No...why?" I answer "Who is she?"

"She's a friend of mine from college...she said she might stop by and pick up something I forgot at home today."

"'t seen her." I say.

What a double entendre that statement turned out to be...

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