Monday, January 9, 2012

The Intruder

I step into a darkened room, one lone spotlight points downward in a bright circle of radiance. Beneath the spot light is the object of my sexual desire.


Earlier that day, I had waited for you to come home. You'd walked to the door, and instead of needing your key, the door stood ajar. This puzzled you. You poked your head inside and called to me, but I did not answer. You stepped inside, closed the door behind you, and kicked off your shoes. You went to the bedroom, took off your shirt, and opened the closet to look inside for your bathrobe. From behind you, without warning I step silently and pull a black pilowcase over your head. I've doused myself in cheap cologne, and I whisper "Don't scream and I won't hurt you." You don't recognize my voice, and your breath comes in terrified gasps. "Please...don't hurt me...take whatever you want, just don't hurt me!" I stroke your cheek with a gloved hand, and whisper "I won't hurt you, but I'm going to fuck you...make no mistake." You whimper in fear "Oh God...please no..."

I drag you to rec room, tie your wrists and ankles, sit you in an chair, then turn out the lights...darkness surrounds us now. I remove the black pillowcase from your head, and tie it around your eyes. I stand over you, and whisper again "I'll be back. If you have moved when i return, I'll take more than just your SEX." You cry again..."No, sir...I won't move.."

I walk to the door and close it behind me. I sit outside for five minutes, listening to your breathing quicken...and then I open the door again.

The spotlight you sit under blocks any chance of your seeing me from behind your blindfold. I walk slowly toward you, letting my hiking boots fall loudly to heighten your fear of the unknown. I come within two feet of you, let out a deep breath, and whisper "Now that I have tied you up, undressing you will be difficult." You whimper again. I whisper "So, I'll have to undress you another way." I pull a pair of fabric scissors from my back pocket, and make loud "snipping" sounds as I laugh in a whisper.

You cry out to me "No, please...please...don't hurt my clothes...Sir bought them for me...Sir will be SO angry if they get destroyed...they were a gift...please...I won't move...just don't cut my clothing!" I chuckle are such a good little obedient girl...remembering your manners even when being threatened with rape. I whisper again to you "I'm going to step forward...and you are going to suck my cock...suck it like you life depends on it...and you will swallow every drop when I come...if you do, I'll consider NOT fucking your pussy afterward. Got it, wench?" Your breath quickens, you shudder, and finally you whisper under your tears "Swallow it sir...all of it."

I step forward; your hands are still bound. I whisper to you "If you bite my cock, I will break your jaw!" You cry out "NO!! No, please...I won't...I promise...just please...don't hurt me!" I grin, and step forward; my cock hard as steel. You rise to your knees, and part your lips, wetting them slightly. I move my cock to your mouth, and when the head touches your lips, you move forward, taking the head into your mouth. I feel your tongue swirl around it...have to fight to keep from groaning...even in THIS position you know your craft so well. Your tongue continues, and then suddenly, you recognize the shape of the head...and the curve of the shaft...and the taste of my pull away for a moment...turn your head upward...and say "Oh, Sir...sir it's you...oh, God...what would SIR have his girl do?!" You tremble with relief as I stroke your hair, and when I reach for your nipples and gently twist, the masochistic arousal of being raped takes it's toll and you shudder with your first orgasm.

I remove your blindfold, and now all you see is my silhouette standing over you. I push my cock into your mouth again, grabbing your hair and face-fucking you. Your mouth and tongue are working overtime even with my slamming my cock down your throat. Feels so good...and I have to will myself not to orgasm yet. I finally pull my cock out of your mouth, push you backward , cut your leg cords and jerk your jeans and undies off. With no time for gentle caressing given, I force myself into your pussy...slamming SO HARD into you the rug underneath us shifts under my force. Hammering into you, not giving a shit how hard I thrust...when your hips rise off the floor, I slap your ass and say "Sit DOWN NOW!" You comply, and I continue to penetrate you like a jackhammer. You orgasm again, a scream escapes you, and I close my eyes as I feel your muscles contract around my cock.

Suddenly I rise to my feet again, find your mouth and say "Taste YOUR juices, little girl." I slip the head into your mouth, and you swirl your tongue around it again. The feeling is INDESCRIBABLE. I jerk my head backward, screaming your name.

I feel the rush rip through my body, and although I want to come in your mouth SO BADLY, this will be a different story...with a new ending.

I pull away.

You look up at me.

And I groan as the first spurt shoots over your shoulder, and the second, third, fourth, and fifth shower your face with MY offering to the GODDESS of my orgasm.


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