Monday, January 9, 2012


I have spent days traveling the Emerald Isle in search of the woman who I have desired from her first words.

You stand at the doorway of your home; I am to be your guest for the evening. You are so beautiful I cannot breathe. Soft, auburn lightly eyes that would make your legs go weak...and lips I long to taste for the first time. After a night of laughing, dancing in each others arms, and a few sips of the most delicious wine I have had in ages, you look at me and say "I want you to make me into YOUR fantasy..."

My body trembles with in the world did I ever find myself lucky enough to be in YOUR arms tonight?

I must not rush things, I may never be this fortunate again.

I lead you gently into your bedroom, and begin by kissing your forehead lightly, then your temples, your face...lightly caressing your lips with my own...teasing you. When your lips part, I gently nibble the top lip, licking it afterward...letting my tongue dance across it, exploring your teeth...counting each one with my tongue, tasting your own saliva like as if it were an elixir for instant arousal on my part.

Because your mouth is just that...the source of my arousal.....

I spend five minutes just exploring your mouth, letting my hands and fingers wrap into your auburn hair and pulling your mouth even closer to me. When your arms circled my shoulders and hands found my back, I would lose control of my senses for a moment, forgetting the need for patience and possible let my hands grab your ass and press my own now fully erect cock against your crotch...letting your body become the soft surface that presses against my throbbing shaft.

I groan...trembling at your body's perfect reaction to my loss of control. You let your hand fall, caressing my rib cage...and lower...placing your palm against the bulge in my jeans. Your hand gently cups the straining 6 inches of my desire, and gives a loving squeeze. I gasp...loudly...crying your name out and saying "Oh, God...please..."

A smile...and you unbutton your own jeans, letting them fall to the floor...your hips grinding against my ever hardening cock...still held tightly inside my boxers. Your fingers go to your clit, caressing it, your arousal become deeper, and your scent teases the air. Your slip two fingers inside you, plunging them deep into your pussy...your head rolls back...and I grab your hand and bring it to my lips...discovering your taste for the FIRST TIME.

You are sweet...


I lick your fingers clean, letting my own trail to your clit, feel that you are SO WET that you have begun to make your inner thighs damp with desire. I look into your eyes and say "I want to taste your orgasm!" I pick you up, carry you to the bed, lie you back and slip a pillow under your bottom. I sit between your legs, your fragrance SO HOT that I have to will myself not to go full-force licking you. Your legs part, I let your heels rest on my back, and as I grip your hips with my hands, I lean forward and cover your clit with my mouth.

Your reaction is EXPLOSIVE. Your hips buck upward, hands pressing my head into your crotch. I cannot breath air, the only reality for my life's sustaining breath is YOUR AROUSAL. I lick your clit...tasting your juices...trailing my tongue from your clit down to your opening...snaking my tongue inside you...drinking every drop you offer...I tease your rear with my tongue, letting it dance all around the opening...using my fingers to fuck your pussy gently. I feel your body trembling, and resume my lips and tongue's position at your waiting clit. I suck it gently, my own little lollipop...letting my tongue flash back and forth across it. Your hips buck like mad now...your groans become muffled screams...and I feel your climax building.

(My favorite part...)

Your legs close around my head...your hips jerk furiously...and you go mute for one dazzling moment as you crest the hill that will send your body into full-release. I feel this, knowing what is pending, and I begin plunging my fingers into you, letting my lips center FULLY around your's hardness is now the FOCUS of my tongue...your climax send you into a torrent of cries...

"Ohhhhhhhhhhh......Oh GOD!! Fuck! OHHHHhhhhhh GOD!!!"

You buck and buck your hips, and finally the spasms subside, and your body falls lifeless against the bed. I take advantage of this moment and drink ALL of your offering in, cleaning your pussy area of ALL wetness not wasting ONE DROP of your scent.

My lungs take it the cool air around us, and I lean forward again to plant tiny little kisses inside your thighs and even on your clit once again. Your body reacts with tiny jerks and pulses of spent.

I stand, and my cock is SO HARD by now that my balls are aching for any kind of release. You knew before I arrived that I had not been in a woman's arms for years. Your hands, slip under the waistband of my boxers, and slip them down to my knees. My now fully engorged cock's head is pulsing with my heartbeat, and is a deep red color of pure need.

You look up at your lips....and say "Any last words?"

My cock jerks and the drop of precum is so present that it fills the entire opening and sparkles less than two inches from your lips. My breath is coming in little gasps...and I cry out to you the ONLY words I can think of...

"Please don't pull away...."  

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