Monday, January 9, 2012

Ladies' Night In...

For some reason, this story seems to be the one I get the most compliments on. Interesting that it is also the only "requested" one I didn't want to write.

It's been a long day, and I am ready to be home. I was lucky enough to be given a break tonight, and not have to pull a double like I originally told her. All I want to do is come home to her, hold her, kiss her, take a hot bath with her in my arms, then take her to bed and take her to orgasm...again and again.

The entire drive home this consumes me, and the fact she isn't answering the phone must mean she is either taking a nap, or she is talking with her best friend Jessy...who she can't click over with even for me. That's okay...I am coming come, and very soon, SHE will be coming. Repeatedly.

I pull in the driveway, and I see Jessy's car. THAT'S why she won't answer. She is too busy laughing and talking. Now I will have to hint around in an attempt to get Jessy to leave so I can have her to myself.

How I love both you and her. You have known her for years, and when we married, Jessy was your maid of honor. Had my eyes not been so utterly taken with you that day, I might have noticed how perfectly Jessy's curves had filled that tight little pink dress. My groomsmen were gawking like idiots, and I so badly wanted to tell them "Good luck boys, Jessy only has eyes for the ladies!"

I have always wanted to know how you and Jess talk when I am not around. Do you gossip? Do you laugh at people you know, or at me? Whenever I walk in, you always clam up when you are with her, and you giggle like you have an inside joke. Well today, I decided I would eavesdrop. Find out what you guys are saying. I slowly open the door, and I hear you two giggling like schoolgirls. I take off my shoes, and slowly walk back to the bedroom where I hear your voices. The door is open just an inch, and I look inside.

And lose my breath.

You are lying on the bed, your legs spread fully wide, and your panties are around your ankles. Jessy is planting the lightest of kisses directly on your clit. So light I can see her lips caress it, and your hips rise in a vain attempt to secure more contact. Jessy laughs, and presses her lips fully over your clit, her tongue now doing a dance that I can only imagine, because your head jolts backward and your fingers curl into her hair as your hips buck upward against her mouth.

"OOoooOOOOOOHHHHH!!!!!!" you cry out.

"Mmmmm...." Jessy purrs as her muffled voice cries out in response.

I cannot breathe. I am so fully transfixed on this imagine in front of me, I have lost my own ability to reason. My cock is at FULL ERECTION, and I have already begun stroking myself without having meant to.

Your hips rise and fall under her mouth's torment, and Jessy alternates between full-on sucking your clit, licking it playfully, inserting a little pink vibrator, and tasting your juices...your hips, rise again, and her hands curl under your ass to brace for your orgasm. Your gasp again and again, and then in one quick movement, your legs close around her head, and you groan "OH FUUuuUUuuuUUU--UU--UuuCKKKK!!! JESSY!!!"

You collapse down, and Jessy licks the last of your juices with greedy desire. She crawls over your body, kissing a little trail from your clit all the way to your lips. One kiss given to her in return, and you say "He won't be home for a while yet, you can go get us drinks from the fridge, don't worry about putting on a robe."

Jessy laughs, hops off the bed, her full breasts bouncing with each movement. She is at the door before I can think, and I quickly duck into the laundry room by the bedroom door. She walks out, looking both ways, and then passes the dark laundry room. She pauses by the door, looks inside, and I try to remain as still as possible in the darkness. She listens quietly, and I hold my breath. A second or two passes, and without turning on the light, Jessy walks into the laundry room...feeling her way along the wall. I stand motionless, and as her hand slides from the wall by me to my own hand against the wall, she stops...and laughs quietly.

" intruder." she laughs to herself. "Did you like our show, sir?"

I let out a nervous breath...and before I can speak, she purrs "I wonder how YOUR cock tastes."

"Dear God..." I stammer

" need for titles that aren't deserved. Would you like me to...suck your cock?" she says.

I groan, and I feel her hands slide along my legs as she slips to her knees. The head of my cock is SO HARD that I can feel it pulsing madly, and the sudden "zip" of cool air against it makes me strain with desire, and my cock LEAPS out to meet Jessy's beckoning lips.

Her eyes have adjusted, and so have mine I feel her thumb touch the tip, and the precum that was seeping from the head is now generously massaged into the underside of the ridge. I groan louder.."Oh..god...please...please..."

Another giggle, and the final words I hear before my mind is taken over by her mouth are "Yes, sir."

Her lips slipped over the head, and her tongue is SO SKILLED in the area of oral sex that I feel my orgasm being drawn out of me with her tongue, little electric waves of pleasure pulsing up and down the shaft...she changes attack now, and with no desire for teasing, her mouth begins bobbing up and down...up and down...up and DOWN...her hands massage my balls...and I feel the climax of the decade building deep within my groin. I try to delay things...focus on NOT coming...enjoy this a bit longer...when suddenly--


Lights come wife is standing in the doorway, first a look of dumbstruck shock, then as I envision my entire relationship going down the toilet, her shock turns to a smile, and a fantasy I never thought would EVER happen to me in TEN lifetimes, unfolds in her words:

"Jessy...I'm not gonna let you do this..."

"...I'll fight you for his orgasm."

She comes over next to Jessy and kneels as well. She looks up at me and says. "We'll each get 30 seconds, alternating back and forth...whoever wins your orgasm is the BEST at oral. Ready Jessy?"

My voice shakes as I try to utter anything, and my wife's mouth swallows my cock. Her tongue is not as skilled as Jessy's, but she makes up for it with determination...deep throating me, teasing the head again and again I moan...needing release, and just as I begin to reach orgasm, she pulls away and Jessy takes over

Jessy...oh god...her tongue so BRILLIANT in it's mastery that I feel my first orgasm build...and build..and then Jessy looks up at me and winks...and I know what is going to happen. Her hand gently massages my balls, and I slip over the edge...

The first spurt is SO deep that it takes ALL MY SANITY to not cry out...I groan, and Jessy's tongue draws out one spurt after another...I tremble and shake...and with one move SO skilled I almost die, she takes one last DEEP throat and lets her tongue slide up the bottom of the shaft, draining my last spurt from me.

I'm going to die from this...I just know it...I know what is coming next, and it won't be pleasant.

My wife takes over again, seemingly unaware of my orgasm, and goes FULL TILT on my cock. The BUZZING of sensory overload from my previous orgasm is UNBEARABLE as her tastebuds slide across the head. I cry out again, and again, and just as I feel like I can't take it anymore, Jessy taps her shoulder, and her waiting mouth finds my cock AGAIN.

Jessy is merciful, and lets only her lips slide up and down...the lightest touch....I tremble now, and feel my cock reviving under her skilled art. After a few more gentle caresses, she sadistically takes the head in one firm "suck" and I cry out once more as the head "pops" free.

My wife returns, and this time is so determined to win she takes the shaft in her hand as well, twisting her grip with each plunge of her mouth over my cock. My legs are weakening, and just as I think it cannot get any better, I feel another mouth from below, taking BOTH my balls in. Jessy's tongue gently massages my balls from inside her mouth, and my body cries out for release. My wife's mouth and hand are madly fucking me, and with my last sane though, I decide there is NO WAY this orgasm could be any better than it is going to be!

Until Jessy feels my balls contract inside her mouth, and when my first spasm hits, her index finger snakes into my ass and massages my prostate...I groaned, threw my head back and cried out


I came SO HARD that I saw stars and I lost my hearing for a orgasm rocketing into my wifes mouth, coaxed gently by Jessy's finger deep inside me. I scream out "Oh GOD Oh GOD OoooOOOoooo---OOOoooooOOOooo---GOD!!!!"

And my body and legs give out. I collapse to the floor, and Jessy and my wife look at me, smiling...very mischievously.

Jessy looks at my wife, and says "Looks like you win."
My wife laughs and says "Prove it." and she kisses Jessy deeply, tongue snaking inside Jessy's mouth.
Jessy moans, and my wife pulls away.
"I know how he tastes. You won!"

I tremble again...words will not find my lips. They look at me and smile, and Jessy says "Now it's OUR TURN, right?"

My wife grins, and says "Oh HELL yes!"

And I am pulled to my feet, and led to the bedroom.... 

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