Monday, January 9, 2012

The Little Girl Inside

The gentle sunbeams of morning cascade into the windows of your bedroom. You wince, then pull the covers over your head. You do NOT want to get up, and the sun roused you from a very pleasant dream you were enjoying. In your slumber, you were dressed in silken linens, and your body was open to the air as your lover was gently massaging your limbs in such a loving pursuit of your own pleasure that you didn't think it could get any better until your gown was pulled aside, and his two waiting lips planted a gently kiss on your throbbing cli-----

Morning. Bright intruding sun that rouses your eyes and steals your dream from your very core. You groan inwardly at the idea of having to get up and face the day, but you rub your eyes, and force them open to the light of a new dawn. Another day...another damn dollar twenty five.

"Good morning, bright angel." I say. Your eyes flash over to me, a look of wonder on your face. What was I doing here, you ponder. I had to work, and so did you...why would I not be at work already? "Lie back, sweet girl." I say "It's your day off, I say so." You shake your head awake, and walk over to me, your arms cross over my shoulders, and you look deep into my eyes. You search for what this means, and I see your questions just behind those colorful irises. "I called in today myself, and I also informed YOUR boss that you had an injury and would not be making it to work. "An injury?" you protest. "What injury is that supposed to be?" You turn to grab your cell phone from your dresser, and with no warning, a sharp CRACK of my hand is applied to your bottom. You cry out in surprise, then look me in the eyes playfully. I smile, and look at you with playful lust "I'm afraid you have a bruised muscle in your lower rear, and this needs to be looked at more closely." You giggle, and I take you fully into my arms, covering your lips in kisses, and then gently squeezing your bare bottom.

"MY girl..." I say with a look of arousal in my eyes.

"Yes, sir...." you say. Your very center trembles at the idea of being MY girl, and I lead you back over to the bed and lie you back so that your eyes gaze up into my own. I kiss you gently again, and then deeper, my tongue searching your lips, your teeth, your mouth, wanting to devour you in every way possible...and as I pull away, I gently nibble your top lip with my teeth...ah, you are truly MY girl today. Nobody else will share your time, your entire self is mine, and my entire world is yours.

I climb over you, straddling you, our hips meeting and an involuntary dance begins that finds my ever swelling cock sliding against your clit. You gasp, and arch your hips forward in an attempt to take my cock inside you. I move downward to escape your plan, and you groan and whine a tiny bit as you say "Oh, fuuuuckkkk...daaaadddyyyyy....I waaaant it!" I chuckle slightly, moving lower and lower until the aroma of your own sex takes over, and I pull the covers over my head so that my mouth and your clit can have an uninterrupted meeting. Your legs tense as you feel my breath on your pussy, and then the flick of my tongue on your little love bud. Your hands go to my head, and find my smooth scalp that I just shaved last night, clean for my baby. Your hips arch upward, and not missing one beat, I place my hands under your bottom...and suckle your clit into my mouth. A sound like an animal escapes you, and a guttural growl from your very core send my cock into a frantic desire to silence your moans with it's pulsing head.

But not yet...not until the little girl has her orgasm...and has it so fully she will collapse in her my arms. with trembling lips and shaking hands. My mouth travels lower, probing your inside, tasting your sweetness, drinking you in, worshiping the sanctuary of womanhood you have given to me. I slip a finger inside you, locate your internal "hot button", and caress it with a firm touch as my tongue dances down to your bottom, licking gently all around it's puckered opening...seeing your reaction of little kitten like mews and purrs.

You want me...and now you are going to have me...

I move upward again, fast and without warning. At first, you think I will bring you off with my tongue, but instead in one fluid movement my teeth find the nape of your neck and the purple head of my cock finds your lower lips and with a maddening "POP" it breeches your opening and slams homeward with a surge of blood flow that swells the head inside you so large you feel it caress your inner walls. Your eyes lock with mine and you say "FUCK ME, PLEASE!" My lust takes over at those sexually maddening terms of endearment. With a steady 4/4 time I thrust in and with each thrust I make sure your clit is "bumped" by the shaft of my cock. Your eyes begin to flutter, and my own orgasm is nearing...I lean in toward your ear,and whisper "Such a naughty little girl...riding my cock like a lust-driven mad-woman...what shall I do with you today after this behavior has brought me to my breaking point?"

You look up to me, and say with a grin spreading across your face "I'm YOUR naughty girl...and if you want YOUR orgasm, you'll let me fuck you like I want!" The idea brings me to the brink of my own orgasm, and before I slip over the edge, I say firmly "STOP." Your body shivers with it's orgasm, eyes rolling backward, and my hand finds your clit above my cock and rubs it gently back and forth as the waves of your climax rock your body. I little girl has had her release, and now I can take my time with my own.

I begin moving again, a slower pace this time. Her hands cross over behind my neck, her eyes meet mine with a focused desire for MY orgasm now. "Not too fast, little girl." I warn her with stern eyes. She giggles and slows a tiny bit. Her playful eyes look up at me, and she says with a cooing vocal plea "But Sir, I want...*groan*...want to feel you come INSIDE me!" I smile, and slowly begin moving again, allowing the head of my cock to "pop" in and out of her, rubbing her clit each time. This sensation is too much for me, and I know I will come soon. I feel the mist covering her body beneath mine, and hear her tiny gasps of breath. Her hips buck upward to meet mine, and I feel her kegels gripping the feels SO GOOD that if we did not have the understanding we share, I might tell her I WORSHIP HER. (Because in my heart, I do!)

She pumps her hips faster, and I cannot control myself any longer. I don't want to orgasm yet, but she has taken me so far I may not be able to stop. My body WANTS to fill her with my orgasmic rush of semen, and in one last attempt to go for "round three", I hold her tightly to me and say again "STOP, little girl." She halts for a moment, and then her eyes twinkle as a smirk creeps across her face. From below, her kegels muscles begin tensing and

I grunt as the heavenly waves of her muscles waves take me to the VERY crest of climax, and then I look deeply into her eyes. In her final act of defiance, she pistons her hips upward, clamping her muscles tightly as she does so...the velvet grip they deliver as they slide up the shaft, burying the head deep inside of her sends me into orbit. I cry her name out so loudly my voice echoes off the ceiling, I slam my cock into her again and again, the bed shaking and the headboard whacking itself against the walls as it's bolts strain for release.

She shivers...and her muscles milk the last drops of come from my swollen cock. I tremble in post-coital bliss, and finally we laugh together...holding each other in a deep embrace. I look into her eyes again, and she bites her bottom lip, guiltily. I stand, and pick her up like a bride crossing the threshold. I walk her over to her favorite chair, and sit her down. I look down at her, then place the tip of my softening cock at her lips. She look upward, as if to say "What? Why?"

"You stole your my orgasm when I was NOT ready little girl, and you know that is not allowed. Sir will come when HE is ready, not when you THINK he ought to be." She looks pouty, and then says "Well, maybe I don't WANT to suck it!"

I place a thumb on her chin, open her mouth gently, and say "You will go DEEPLY down on my cock little girl, and you will bring me FULLY erect and to another mind-shattering orgasm, and I don't care how long it takes." She pouts again "Maybe I won't do it!" she says, and crosses her arms. "Have it your way little girl." I say, and produce a pair of handcuffs from my top dresser drawer. "Snap"-Snap" they went over or wrists, and then I curled her hands around the shaft.

"MY orgasm, young I WANT IT." 

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