Monday, January 9, 2012

Naughty Girl...

Today I painted a house for a couple with a disabled husband and a wife with arthritis. Sixteen cans of sage green paint. I am so green right now. Call me it, I say!

I was at Kroger on the way home to get ice go with the booze they gave me for helping paint. The ice cream is in the freezer.... the booze is gone. God Bless America!


So anyhow, I'm at Kroger, right? And as I am checking out, I notice in the line ahead of me is a HOOTER GIRL! She is in her full uniform too, super-tight shorts, ultra-tight tank top, her little butt is so squeezed into those shorts you can make out the shape of her cell phone she has squeezed into the waistband. She's wearing a sports-bra under the tank, and her boobs are perfect little baseball-sized pillows of AMAZINGNESS. She turns on her heel, and her legs are so nice I just STARE.

So yes, by the time I am imagining what it would be like to make love to her. Not fuck her. MAKE LOVE to her. Take my time, peel away her clothing little by little and just explore her body with my tongue in little licks and flicks. Find (what is sure to be) a perfectly manicured little pussy that is BEGGING to be licked and then fucked so slowly and gently she BEGS for me to FUCK HER HARDER!

My thoughts are interrupted, though...because as if she knew I was staring, she turns around and locks eyes with me. She looks at my face, trails her gaze downward to my cock (I was not sporting yet...but it wouldn't have taken much more) and then her eyes meet mine again. I am BLOWN AWAY. This is NOT a Hooter Girl. She cannot be more than 16...if THAT. She is sucking on a lollipop, and she gives me a look that says "Hi middle aged dude. Don't judge me. I know my ass is fine as hell, and you ain't my daddy, so don't even look shocked."

I paid for my groceries, walked out and went to my car. I saw her leave the store and hop into a guys' car that sported a decal for the local high school. Yep. She's a freshman at best...high school freshman. A little sassy high school freshman with an ASS that NEEDED to be spanked...turned OVER MY KNEE, and spanked.

Would I have sex with her if she was as young as I think? Hell no. Would I enjoy it?

No comment.

But, I'll bet that lollipop was being treated to the most AMAZING little tongue...

THAT idea...the idea of her sassy little mouth SUCKING ME OFF?

Good lord.

Okay, back to the land of LEGALITIES.

You'll have to drunk me...I'm forgive. 

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