Monday, January 9, 2012


Attending a concert today for several local classical college musicians. I know one of them, and she plays the cello. I swear, her fingers move so fast and with such grace and talent that I could watch her for hours. I also imagine what it would be like to have those fingers running across my spine, or the side of my neck...or through my hair...or up and down the sides of my cock as she looks up at me with those eyes that scream "Let me show you how vibrato works..."

I'd like to take her hands in mine, kiss each fingertip, back her into a wall and pin her arms behind her as I peeled her clothes from her tall, thin frame and let them fall to the floor...her pale skin now open to the air....goosebumps forming and nipples hard and erect...tasting her...playing HER like a stringed instrument until her OWN crescendo was reached...

Oh my gosh...

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