Monday, January 9, 2012


You step in the door after a long day at school and work. I admire the adorable way your nose wrinkles at me when I tell you how beautiful my little schoolgirl is today. You drop your books and kick off your shoes, and flop down on the sofa...another day behind you. You smell the aroma of fresh Italian coming from the oven, and you smile as you think about my having stopped by the market on the way home from my work to pick up a few little things to make my girl smile...perhaps fresh basil, oregano, or some plum tomatoes. You let your head lie back, and feel your legs relax from the weight of the day.

I walk over to you with a spoon of alfredo sauce in hand, and let you taste. You smile in approval, and in a few minutes we are sitting down to a hot dinner of chicken alfredo and hot garlic bread. You eat ravenously, and afterward you say you are going to hop in the shower. You grab your pajamas on the way back, and I hear the bathroom door "click" and the shower pouring away.

I go to the bedroom and find the items I purchased for my little girl today. I unfold each item, admiring it...then folding each one back neatly and carry the new clothes back to the bathroom, and replace your pajamas with my new offering. I slip out of the bathroom undetected, and wait for you in the bedroom. I hear the shower shut off, and the curtain open...then the silence that follows. What must the little girl be thinking right now? "A new set of clothes...for me?" I wait with anticipation for you to appear in the doorway...and after five minutes, I hear your voice outside the door.

"May your girl enter, sir?"

The sound of your voice makes my cock tingle all over, and I say as calmly as I can "Yes, little may."

The door opens, and my breath is taken away by the sight of your new outfit. Your hair is still damp from the shower, and your feet are bare...but the rest of you is the most perfectly poised little schoolgirl I have ever seen. Your hand goes to your mouth, and you gently nibble a fingernail...your toe twists on the floor in front of you...and you look down nervously. A neat little white blouse, unbuttoned down to just below your breasts, a little plaid skirt with pleats that just barely go down far enough to cover your bottom, a tiny black garter peeking out from under your left hip, a black belt, and ribbons in your hair that form two damp little pigtails...

You are so beautiful and sexy that my heart flies into a spin. I walk over to you, my breath coming quicker, and carefully twirl a pigtail between my fingers. You look up at me, and I say in a very stern voice...

"Young lady, I'm afraid your scores on the exam weren't acceptable. If you ever expect to pass this class, your grades MUST improve."

You look up at me, and say with a gleam in your eye "But sir, I'm trying so hard, and if you didn't make your exams so tricky, I might be able to squeak by!"

I sense the sass in your voice, and my eyes denote my disapproval. "Young lady, your attitude is unacceptable. Kneel on the floor until you can learn to speak with more respect!"

You fall to your knees, and lower your head to gaze at the floor. "But sir, is there anything I can do to make a passing grade? Surely there is something that can be done!"

I look down at you, and your eyes peek upward to meet my gaze. Your hand rises up to my crotch, and gently strokes the bulge in my pants and squeezes the shaft that so painfully strains for release. I groan inwardly, and force my next words to sound even more stern. "You've bombed the written exam, there's no way you can make that up, I'm afraid."

You smile gently, and gaze lovingly at my crotch. Your fingers, unzip my slacks, reach in, find my now full-on hard cock, let the head jut outward toward your parting lips...and say "Is there any way I might be able to submit an ORAL exam?"

My cock's head is so hard it throbs like mad, and a tiny drop of precum appears at the opening. You eye it greedily, and I lose my mind as I feel your lips slip over the head.... 

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