Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Smack That...

It's late evening, and in spite of repeated requests, the apartment above is once again thumping loud music. Living alone has it's advantages, and one is being able to read when I like, relax when I like, and enjoy my own music. Classical piano is now being drowned out by the pulsing beat of urban bass lines. I decide to ignore it as best I can, but soon, I can no longer handle it. Something has to be done. A line must be drawn.

I remember the day they moved in above me. A college student and her best friend. I helped them move several large pieces of furniture up two flights, and while I didn't get so much as a "thank you" from either of them, the view from behind was more than rewarding. I learned the beauty of "Skinny Jeans" that day.

I walked the stairs to their apartment, and as I went, I rehearsed the speech I was going to give. I was going to be polite, as long as they were. The closer I got, the more clear the lyrics to the music became:

"Smack that, all on the floor  
Smack that, Give me some more  
Smack that, till you get sore  
Smack that, ohh oh oh oh oh..."

When I got to the door, I knocked only to find the door swing open under my hand. The music was still blaring, and I called inside "Hello!". No answer of course. I thought of calling the landlord, but wanted to handle this personally. I stepped inside, and followed the sound of the music. Down the small hallway, I continued to call out "Hello?!", but to no reply. Now I was worried. What if someone was hurt? I found the room the music was coming from, and looking inside, my eyes were treated to something both amusing and exciting.

It was the brunette...her name was Jessy, I recall. She was dressed in a sexy little t-shirt and pajama pants that hugged every curve. Her hips gyrated with perfect sync to the pulsing beat of the song. She was facing a mirror, and running her hands up and down her body, caressing each curve with the look of a woman in pure lust. Her right hand went to her crotch, and began rubbing up and down as her hips thrust forward...and each time the lyric "Smack That" was sung, she either smacked her ass and gripped it with her hand, or pretended to spank an imaginary person in front of her. I was truly enjoying the show, and were it not for what happened next, the performance might have continued longer.

Her hands once again ran to her chest, and I saw one finger trace a nipple that was surrendering to it's caress. Her mouth let out a gasp, and her hand once again flew to her crotch in response. When the chorus came again, her hand came back full force against her ass with a hard SMACK. She cried out in slight pain, and then a growl escaped her lips. In now blind passion, she did a full backbend, and when her hands found the floor behind her, her eyes locked fully on mine, and she fell to the floor with a thud. I laughed, and she yelled in shock. She scrambled over to her stereo and snapped it off...my ears were ringing slightly.

Jessy looked at me with mild embarrassment. "Hi Jeff. Sorry, I was being kind of loud. Have you...been here long?" I smiled, and told her she was quite a performer. Her hands were trembling, and the thin fabric of her t-shirt showed the light perspiration of a girl who was quite out of breath. I gazed lower, and saw the small damp spot between her legs, and wondered how much dancing alone like this turned her on. I was just about to excuse myself, when she walked over to me and said "Uh, Jeff...I'm glad you enjoyed the show." She smiled playfully, and glanced down to my own crotch...and sure enough, my own cock was straining slightly against my boxers. I had become so lost in her dance that all inhibitions were gone as well.

I did my best to hide my own embarrassment, and excused myself...telling her to please keep the music down. She giggled, and said "Yes sir." in a sweet little-girlish way. I turned to go, and heard her breath coming in short gasps behind me. It was then she said the words that threw me for a loop:

"...but...what if I don't?"

I turned on my heel, not believing what I had just heard. She was standing in the same spot I had been in while I was watching her. Her hair was mussed, her chest was heaving slightly, and her breath was catching in her throat. She looked deep into my eyes and said again "You heard me. What if I don't?!"

I stepped toward her. I sternly made my eyes narrow at her, and said "I asked nicely, Jessy. I hope you won't be difficult about this." I turned my back once more, and heard her say from behind "Look at me damn you!"

I turned to face her again, and now she was leaning up against the hallway wall. Her eyes were full of anger and need, and she stamped her foot hard on the floor like a spoiled child. "And if I am difficult, what are you going to do about it, sir?!" She leaned back to her stereo, and turned it on again, full-blast.

I felt a chill of rage trail down my spine, and at the same time, my cock swelled with sadistic need. I felt my hand instinctively go to my belt and unbuckle it. My mind was reeling. "What am I doing?!" my mind asked. My body replied with it's own answer "I'm going to give that naughty little girl what she wants." My eyes locked with hers again, my hand still on my unbuckled belt. Her eyes glanced down to my waist, and looked deep into my own eyes once more. Her lips parted, a sly smile crept across her face, and she said "You won't spank me...you don't have the balls to do it."

In an instant, my belt was off, the distance between us closed, and I grabbed her wrists and turned her over my knee. She growled in defiance, but I saw her bottom arch upward as if to invite the punishment I was going to give her. For a brief instant, I questioned my own sanity, and as if she sensed my hesitation, her right hand reached underneath us, grabbed my cock's outline firmly, and squeezed as her next two words sent me over the edge.

"Chicken shit..."

My mind erupted with anger and lust, and the first blow from my belt across her rear cracked and echoed through the apartment. Her back arched and her nails dug into my leg. Her eyes turned to look into my own once more, and her mouth whispered "Is that all you got?"

I tossed my belt to the side now, and felt my hand of it's own accord reach back and jerk her PJ bottoms down to her knees. Her firm little ass showed the red welt where my belt had fallen, and her hips arched upward once more. Her hand stroked my cock gently, and my hand caressed her bottom with gentle strokes. I caressed lower, and felt her mound poking out, so wet and hot I wanted nothing more at that moment than to suck her clit until she screamed...but first things were first.

I raised my hand upward, and felt her nails drag gently up my leg in anticipation. The first swat of my hand to her butt sounded like a whip hitting it's mark, and her body bucked like an animal gone insane. I swatted her rear again and again, and each stroke had her shuddering and growling. I felt my cock pressing against my jeans now, and I began allowing my crotch to rub against her body with each stroke. He breath was faster now, and she suddenly turned her eyes to me again. Through tears and flushed red cheeks, she said two more words...

"Fuck me."

The words hit me like a velvet hammer, and I fell to my knees as my hands fought to undo my jeans. My cock was pulsing like mad, and Jessy was now on all fours with her bottom raised slightly. Her breath was ragged and I heart her groan "Please...now..." After jerking my cock free of it's constraints, it jutted outward like a pillar of need. The head was fully distended, and when Jessy turned to look she said "Dear God...NOW...please..."

I moved toward her, the head of my cock finding her tight opening and rubbing up and down gently against her opening. The contact was electric, and before I could enjoy the honor of driving my cock forward, she drover her torso backward...her little body swallowing my cock as she groaned loud enough to wake the neighbors. When her bottom hit my hips, I grabbed her legs and drove myself into her as deep as I could. Her body spasmed, and she made a sound like a person being bounced up and down on someone's knee "Oh..oh..oh...oh..OhOhOhOhOhOhOhOhOhOHHH!!!" He body hammered back against mine, and her muscled gripped my cock in what was the most insane orgasm I had ever witnessed. Again, she rode me...harder this time...and I heard her giggle slightly as she said "Now I want yours..."

With all my strength I fought the urge to come right on the spot, and said gently back into her ear. "You won't get it."

Her eyes flashed with fire, and she spun around to face me, pushing my body backward to lie on the floor. Her hand encircled the shaft of my cock, and just when I though nothing could feel better than fucking her from behind, her lips parted, and the head of my cock disappeared into her mouth. My mind eclipsed into a state of both mania and bliss. Her lips went up and down...up and down...up and down, as one hand gently massaged my balls, and the other hand with one finger teasing my rear. I wanted to look into her eyes, and so I forced myself to regain control and look up. Her eyes were locked onto my own, and she read my expression with a gesture that said "Oh yes, I will."

Her speed increased, and I felt my orgasm building. My come had risen into a state of no return. My cock was pulsing in her hand as her lips continued to rise up and down...up and down. The flat of her tongue flashed back and forth...and with my last moment of reason I groaned "Yes...you will....!!"

I orgasmed, and the first wave hit me so hard I almost lost consciousness. I heard her making little sounds like "Mmmm....mmmm..." and all I could do was just melt away into one spasm after another. Her lips never left my cock, and when my orgasm subsided, she gently kissed the head one last time. She stood, and offered me a hand upward. I accepted, and no sooner did I stand up, the flat of her own hand swatted my ass with enough force to make me cry out.


She looked into my eyes and said "I should probably be punished for that, don't you think?"

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