Monday, January 9, 2012

A Stiff Wind

Today my neighbors were having a pool party for their son's friends. I walked over and saw twenty random teens playing marco-polo and beach ball volleyball and such. There was one girl off by herself in a deck chair, reading a novel. Bookworm type perhaps, or maybe she just didn't want to get in the water. I walked over to see what book she was reading. She might have been seventeen, or a bit older. She looked at me, smiled and then went back to her book.

"Aren't you going to swim?" I asked, making light conversation.

"No, forgot my swimsuit." she said.

"Well, that's a bummer." I replied, noticing for the first time that her perfume was affecting me in ways a girl half my age should NOT be.

"Nah, I'm glad I forgot it." she said. "Besides, if I were swimming, you wouldn't have come over to say hello and keep me company, right?"

She looked up from her book for a second, and in that instant, I felt three things occur to me:

One, she was not "coming on" to me, just her care-free silly smile told me that.

Two, even if she were, I'm smart enough to NEVER get involved with a girl half my age, especially since she could be a minor.

and THREE, she had a beautiful, perfectly heart-shaped mouth that I instantly imagined her using to tease and torment me sexually. I imagined her standing up, the book still in her hand as her arms circled my shoulders. Her eyes locking onto mine and then those lips gently parting and her mouth finding mine as we tasted each other.... This was such an arousing thought. So much so, that my mind raced like a freight train running full-speed toward a place it had no sense going, and by the time I regained my senses, I was already displaying a small bulge in my jeans.

I looked down and confirmed this at the EXACT moment her eyes looked up at me again...and then her eyes found the focus of MY arousal. She bit her bottom lip and giggled. "Sorry." she said with a grin, and went back to her book.

I went back to my house, laced up my running shoes and did five miles...her cute little bottom lip was on my mind the ENTIRE time.

Why...oh WHY...oh WHY do I have to be so easily aroused?!

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