Wednesday, January 11, 2012


"I want to call you sir. I want to call you anything to make you groan."


I was lying back on a bed...YOUR bed...I  knew where I was. I looked over to where I had placed you, facing the corner. Your hands where clasped behind your back, tied with a black silk scarf.

I called to you "Young lady." You gasped "Oh, god...yes sir!" I smiled and walked over to you. You were wearing a cute little bra and panty set, and a little tight t-shirt that showed off your lines. I ran my hand from just below your knees, all the way up to your bottom, giving it a light "tap" that made you jump. I made my way up, sliding my hands under your shirt, kissing your spine ALL the way to the nape of your neck, and wrapping my arms around you and allowing my crotch to press against your bottom.

(you breathed out and said "yes, sir.")

I whispered to you "You kept me waiting quite a long time for this, didn't you?" You shuddered, and I said "I'm a very patient person, but you made me quite frustrated. There should be consequences."

You whispered "Yes, sir...please."

I walked you over to your bed, and as I sat down, I laid you across my lap. I took your panties down to just below your ass, and reached around to feel your clit for a I suspected, you were already wet. I said "Mhmm...the little girl is already anticipating, and needing her discipline."

"Yes, sir..." you say

I lean over, kissing your bottom as I roughly squeeze your cheeks to prepare them for the spanking I am going to administer. Your breathing is heavy now, and when I deliver the first "crack" of my hand to your lower bottom, you cry out "Oh, GOD!!...I mean, yes sir...please more." Again I spank swat after another, painting a ping glow allover your bottom, and feeling your wetness become so evident I sense a drop trickle down to my knee. You whimper with each swat...and then a new sound...from the whimpers come moans...and then guttural pant louder as I stop my count at 50, and then let you slip off my lap.

I stand, and you are kneeling at my feet. You look up at me, and see that my cock is SO HARD that the head stands out round and pulsing from the shaft, my entire cock jumping to my own heartbeat. You look at the wet your lips...and you look up at me again.

"Does sir need me to take care of this?"

I try to remain stern, but the idea is so wonderful and unbelievable, that a moan comes from me as I said "Oh, God please...yes, little girl!"

You grin, biting your bottom lip. Then you lean forward, look up at me one last time, and say "I want to swallow your cum, please let me give you this pleasure?"

I don't have time to respond, as your lips slip over the head...

As the initial contact of your tongue sends me into a spiral of unbridled passion. Your tongue creates beautiful little pulses of electricity that rack my body with uncontrollable spasms. You know how vocal I am, and my cries to you of "Oh, god, god yes...more please....dear...god!!" send you into a childish frenzy of sadistic desire for my own orgasm. I reach down to your breasts, cupping them gently and letting my index finger and thumb massage your nipples. One of your hands cradles and massages my balls while the other circles my cock. Your fingers and mouth create an indescribable sensation of orgasmic bliss as I feel my climax approaching. I know this will be so wonderful that words fail me to even begin to describe, and I gently place my hands on both sides of your head...guiding your mouth up and down....up and down....up and down....oh...god....!!

I feel the rush sweep over me, and I cry out your name as my orgasm finds it's mark, one spurt after another slamming against your flashing tongue. I almost lose my balance, holding your shoulders for support, and you continue to suck me...gently. I fall to my knees next to you, cradle your head against my shoulder.

"I love you."

I am yours...

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