Monday, January 9, 2012

Tea for Two

I finish mixing a fresh cup of hot peppermint tea, and stir it slowly, carefully holding it so it won't the other hand, a glass of crushed ice awaits it's own purpose. I let out a sigh of contentment; my sweet girl is waiting on me in the living room--waiting for her hot tea and glass of ice.

I step into the entryway, and there she sits. Her hair is in a braided ponytail, ropes tied to each wrist and the other ends to the legs of the sofa, arms spread wide for me. Her feet are fidgeting in place, and her eyes are concealed by a black silk scarf I tied firmly to blot out her surroundings. A tiny little pink dress and knee socks complete the image I have so carefully crafted for her. I walk forward, and as I stand by her feet, I say "Hello, sweet girl..."

She gasps..."Yes, Sir?!"

"Shh...yes, sweet baby girl...Sir is here." I say with a smile.

She shivers in relief and says "What would Sir have his girl to do?"

I step forward, and her breath quickens...she hears my footsteps, and she certainly hears the sound of my belt unbuckling...and the zip of my jeans.

She wets her lips...

I smile as I pull out my cock, already stiffening...six inches of surging-hard steel crowned by an almost perfectly round head. I l bring my hips close to her face, and let the head of my cock brush her lips. Though blindfolded, her mouth opens slightly and her lips part..she plants an open mouthed kiss on the tip, letting her tongue probe the tiny opening. I slide forward, her lips covering my cock and her tongue cupping the area just below the head. I groan as her tongue begins flashing back and forth...searching for my arousal and orgasm...but I have other plans...

I pull away, lower my lips to her mouth, and slide my tongue in, letting it dance across her teeth and lips...always hungry for her taste...God, I love my little girl. Wink

Again, I move lower, and find her panties covering the only part of her body I have not seen yet today. Earlier I had told her to shave for me, but do it in a way that would be a special surprise for me, like a present I could unwrap with greedy glee.

I hook my fingers under the waistband, and lower them slowly. I spread her legs, and beneath her little tummy is the most perfectly framed pussy I have ever seen. She is almost completely shaved, except for a tiny ribbon of dark curlies that runs from her bikini line down to her clit. I have to close my eyes for a moment and take a deep breath to keep from going wild with unbridled abandon with my searching tongue.

Instead, I take my little girl will not be rushed.

I slip my arms around the gentle curve of her waist, feeling my fingers meet at her spine, then letting them trail upward, massaging her back as I go...then back downward, my hands gripping her ass. I pull her hips forward, and inhale her sweet cock surges at the scent, begging my body to allow it to be inserted into my little girl's sweet vaginal grasp...but not yet...

Not yet.

She hasn't had her iced tea yet.

I take a sip of the steaming peppermint tea, while my other finger gently rubs her clit, preparing her wetness and arousal for it's first contact. I swirl the tea in my mouth, then lean forward, swallow the tea, and slip my hot tongue over her clit...sucking it, lapping my tongue upward all the way to her sweet little curly hair above. Her body jerks with each swipe of my tongue and her hips tremble each time the contact is severed. After a few sips of tea and the reward of her juices flowing into my mouth and stoking the fire of my passion...I take a mouthful of ice...and chew it until it dissolves....then slip my mouth over her clit again.

Her reaction is EXPLOSIVE.

Her hips buck like a person being electrocuted...and her moan becomes a scream of pain and pleasure...I sip the tiny bit of water that came from the ice, and let my tongue wash over her clit again...her hips buck and thrust forward and backward...and the ropes stretch against her struggling wrists. She growls like an animal, and says "Oh, GOD FUCK ME PLEASE!!....I'm so cold...."

I kiss and caress her crotch...loving how beautifully manicured it is...then go mad with desire as I drive my cock homeward...thrusting into her again and again...the ropes hold her arms, and I take full advantage of her bondage by slamming into her again and again and again...

Suddenly, her body tenses...and with a whimper, she says "Oh...please, may I come? Please!" I whisper into her ear "Come for me little girl...come HARD for me!"

She goes berserk...thrashing her body and her hips to meet my own thrusts. My body loses all control and I come deep inside her with such force that I am unable to determine when her climax began and when it ended.

I gently undo her silken shackles, pull her blindfold away...look into her eyes and say...

"I love you, my sweet girl." 

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