Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Tender Trap

I awaken from a dreamless sleep, and feel the breeze from an open window caress my skin. I lie naked in the bed, arms and legs tangled in soft, whine linen. The sound of wind chimes lilts softly in my ears from the porch outside, and the light from the sunrise teases the room's shadows with playful radiance.

I stretch, and feel my muscles wake. I sigh with contentment, and imagine what the day might bring. Morning erotic feelings awaken, and I feel the semi-erect shaft of my cock caress the sheets as I turn to sit up.

Without warning, from below the bed, the sheets and blankets are jerked away. I gasp, and see you looking at me with mischief in your smile. I sit up, and shake my head and grin. "Now you have made me cold, silly girl."

You bite your bottom lip, and say "Am I in trouble, Sir?"

I stare back at you, and with a smile in my voice I reply "Perhaps you should find a way to warm me back up."

My cock swells in anticipation of what I am wanting, and I see you glance lower, and your breath catch in your throat. "Yes sir...I will."

I lie back, waiting for the moment your lips will slip over the head and I will lose my mind at the skill of your tongue. You giggle, and I feel your body crawl toward me. Your tongue glides in one sweet stroke from the base of my cock to the head. My spine arches, and I moan in agony "Oh, God, please sweet girl...make me come."

A giggle again.

I feel you crawl over me, you kiss my nipples, and suck them gently as my cock surges to it's full length in response to your caress. I open my eyes and see your face, your eyes look DEEP into mine. You smile, and I feel your opening below as it teases the head of my cock. You are wet...very wet...you have been masturbating while I was asleep. You see my look of knowing, and you blush.

You pin my hands behind my head, and whisper in my ear "For you..."

I feel the head of my cock slip into the little cradle of your opening, and I gasp as your muscles crown the head. You look DEEP into my eyes once more...smile gently...and thrust downward with all your might...

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