Tuesday, April 3, 2012


Summer; it always makes things uncomfortably humid, and today that fact is the only excuse I can give for the slight woozy feeling in my ears as I approach your door. It has been a long, long time since I have found the courage to to do anything like this. In my relationship, I am the one in control. Now, to a degree, I am surrendering that control to a stranger. I am both excited, aroused, and utterly terrified.

But I won't turn back now.

I knock gently, and my heart hammers in my chest as I hear footsteps inside. I have tried to dress nicely, but not be awkward. I don't know why I stressed over this so much. I mean, what isn't awkward about this? The door opens, and you are there. The smile that washes over your face melts away any reservations I have for the moment, and I step inside. Your home is inviting, but very lived in. I like that, and you apologize for the mess that I can't see.

We make very awkward small talk, and I feel my foot twisting on the floor. I'm nervous, and you can see it. You walk over to me, put your hands on my shoulders, and lock your eyes with mine.

"Relax, please." You say with a smile. "I know you've waited for this a long, long time. I want to make your first time so unbelievable that every woman after me will be held to this standard in your mind."

You know that because I have no prior experience with being given oral all the way, that your performance will be unparalleled no matter what. You consider this, and giggle inside as you know that no matter how badly you suck (ah, what a nice pun that is) that I will be so overwhelmed by your mouth that I will cry out your name again and again!

"This will be good." you whisper under your breath.

You take my hand, and lead me over to a comfortable spot on your sofa. I sit, and you begin by kissing a spot on my neck that you know will stimulate the nerve impulses that will ignite my arousal. Your lips dance gently across my neck, and the first pulses of need surge from my cock, and the head strains gently against it's boundaries.

As if by instinct, your hand finds the bulge in my crotch, and cups it softly, then a gentle squeeze. My cock surges upward to meet your caress, and I hear your laugh softly. You know your craft, and I can only hope that you will be gentle with me.

You fall to your knees, your eyes never leaving mine. My whole body is shivering with need. You unbuckle my belt, and with each movement your hands deftly execute, my cock pulses with my heartbeat. As your find my boxers, there is no way to conceal anything anymore. The head is at 12 o'clock, and straining for release. You tuck your fingers under the waistband, and lower my boxers. My cock is surging at it's full 6 inch length, and I feel a moment of slight embarrassment that I am not as long as most men claim to be. The head of my cock is full and round, and bouncing lightly with anticipation. You smile, wet your mouth, and I groan LOUDLY as I feel your lips slip over the head.

Your mouth is beyond description, and I won't even attempt to describe your technique. Maybe you could describe it to me in a message. (God, I would LOVE that!)

As your pursue my arousal, I feel myself getting closer and closer. I groan again, and say "Not yet, oh god not yet!" You slow your efforts, wanting to show me all you are capable of. You switch techniques, and I find what feels like a completely different set of lips on my cock, but it is only a testimony to your perfection in this area. I twist in my seat, whimpering like a child, and begging for more...more...more!

After several minutes of this, I feel my orgasm welling up from deep inside. I mentally focus ALL my efforts on NOT allowing it to overcome me, but your tongue proves too talented for my self control. My body stiffens, and with my final sane thought I cry out your name. The head of my cock swells likes a ripe plum about to burst, and with your last move, your begin to suck the head like a lollipop. My first spasm is so intense my back arches like a bowed string, and I growl like an animal. You gently sweep your tongue back and forth as each spurt finds it's mark, and as the spasms subside, you sadistically continue the stimulation, as sensory overload sweeps across me again and again.

I beg you to stop, and with your eyes locked onto mine, you give one last loving suck...and I collapse with complete awe and worship of the gift you have just given...one that will be remembered by me for the rest of my life, as will you, it's giver.