Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Judge Me

Before you get into my blog, whether you want to or not, I want to invite you to judge me. Hate me. Forget me. Turn around and run away. Tell me to go to hell. I'm giving you that option, because you already have it anyway, and also because I'm going to be transparent about who I am before you even read about what I want and how I tick.

Three facts:

1. I am completely obsessed with oral. (If you bother to read my blog, you will no doubt call that an understatement.) While I have nothing against straight sex, and I enjoy it very much, oral is my greatest pleasure, both giving AND receiving. Not just teasing, either. I want the full experience from beginning to end. Every woman I have been with (not that there have been that many) has either NOT wanted oral, or been willing to tolerate it as long as they can pull away at the last second. I'm not asking for you to swallow, I just want to know how it feels to come that way. Just once. I will go down on you ENDLESSLY beforehand if you would only give me that gift.

2. I am in a relationship, and I am not going to leave it. I have been in this relationship for over 10 years, and I plan on being in it for life. My partner is not interested in oral in any shape or form, and once told me "If you want that, you won't get it from me. You'll have to find it elsewhere. Just spare me the details."

3. I do not sleep around. In fact, I am so meticulous about my personal grooming and physical well-being  that the idea of seeking out a hooker or hitting the bars is completely "out" for me. I don't have any nasties, and I don't want them. The person I am looking for won't have them either, and in order to build that trust, I want to know them VERY well before any sexual contact is made.

Bonus Fact:

Last night a college girl messaged me (or at least I assume she is real; I have played this game long enough to spot a fake pretty easily) and I spent the majority of the night SO turned on about this idea that I could hardly sleep.

But it won't happen.

It never does.

On with the blog.